Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Daihatsu Copen X-PLAY (LA400K)

Last summer, Daihatsu revived the Copen kei-roadster to redefine the long lost genre that started a few decades ago and it comes with a new body structure called D-Frame which allows this kei car to be assembled by hand...literally of course. Despite being a Japan-only car, this reborn sportscar is as close as you can get from a fun-to-drive supermini. Now, we can expect more Copens coming out with different looks and aside from the Copen Robe, a second Copen model is born and this Copen is like it's ready for some fun in the beach.

2015 Daihatsu Copen X-PLAY

Meet the X-PLAY. Copen X-PLAY that is and while this new version is heavily inspired from the Kopen XMZ Concept as seen from last year's Tokyo Motor Show, the X-PLAY has a more rugged look than the Robe thanks to its plastic claddings and because it was utilized on the D-FRAME, the X-PLAY, like the robe, is assembled by hand thanks to its dress formation. If you're planning to buy a Copen right now, you can now choose one of the two styles, be it Robe or X-PLAY.

2015 Daihatsu Copen X-PLAY interior

2015 Daihatsu Copen X-PLAY speedometer

Although the X-PLAY has the same interior as the Robe's, you will notice that it has a very different instrumental cluster which, in my mind, looks very sporty indeed. Like the Copen Robe, this is a very driver-focused interior. You don't get a radio unless you've opted for the DIATONE SOUND NAVI optional extra.

Like the Copen Robe, the X-PLAY has an active top which can be closed or open for 20 seconds at the hold of a button but because Japanese temperatures are too cold for the autumn season, best to drive with the roof close. Save the open top driving when the temperatures are on the hotter pace. I'm talking about summertime but that's too far from the schedule right now.

2015 Daihatsu Copen X-PLAY

Although it looks rugged for a kei roadster, the X-PLAY is still a city car that you can have fun as much as you want. I don't care how slow is this car but the Copen X-PLAY loves to enjoy a nice little game of cat and mouse with the bigger guys. When this little guy gets first, it won't take a matter of time until the big boys come speeding on it and when it does, this car really has some dirty tricks on its sleeves.

It still retains the same 660cc 3-cylinder turbocharged engine from the Copen Robe so it produces the kei-car maximum limit of 64PS power output and 92Nm of torque, while mated with either a 5-speed manual or a CVT gearbox which comes with a 7-speed manual mode which Daihatsu claims that this mode is direct and quick on the shifting department but who cares? For fuel economy, the CVT version returns 25.2km/L while the manual gearbox version returns at 22.2km/L.

Pricing starts at 1,798,200 Yen for the CVT version while the manual version costs 1,819,800 Yen, which means that the X-PLAY has the same price as the Robe but you should take note that because the new Copen has a new Dress Formation on the D-Frame, whichever style you want is up to you but expect a third option coming next year. What could it be? You'll find out very very soon.

Available colors: Offbeat Khaki Metallic, Pearl White III, Bright Silver Metallic, Black Mica Metallic, Matador Red Pearl, Tonico Orange Metallic, Jaune Yellow, Crystal Blue Crystal Metallic.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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