Sunday, November 9, 2014

Doctor Who Series 08 Finale

Doctor Who Series 08 Finale

Great to see everyone watching the series 08 finale of BBC Doctor Who and this finale is a matter of life and destruction, albeit a costly one. This is definitely the episode that will decide their fate as The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), with the help of UNIT, risk everything to thwart the Cybermen rising and Missy (Michelle Gomez), or The Master to be more exact.

One of the most shocking moments on this episode include Missy/The Master killing Osgood (Ingrid Oliver), and the one when Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson) became a Cyberman who spared Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman).

We did experience some heartbreaking moments on this episode but when the decisive battle come full circle, it was Danny Pink who sacrificed himself to lead him and the Cybermen to the cloud, which is known to be the Cyber Pollen. Looks like P.E. fought himself to his last breath.

After Danny's sacrifice, Missy, or The Master to be more exact, has been annihilated by a Cyberman who saved Kate Lethbridge-Stewart from the plane explosion.

This episode sure is a fun drive for the fans but for now, let's all take a well-deserved rest...and some BTS from the Series 08 finale:

Oh...and in case you missed it, there will be this year's Christmas Special coming on Christmas Day. On this 2014 Christmas Special, The Doctor meets Santa Claus for the very first time!

Looking forward for this year's special. Dismissed.

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