Thursday, November 6, 2014

Forza Horizon 2 - Barn Find #06: Ford Capri


The sixth barn find in question was the Europe-made Ford Capri, and this is new to us in the world of Forza. It's located somewhere in the East Valley part of Montellino and after numerous attempts to scavenge the barn find in question, I have discovered that it's over 700 yards near the Montellino Car Meet or two miles from the Montellino Horizon Hub.

After finding it, I managed to take some time off to refresh my perspective and several minutes later, I got a notification saying that the Ford Capri is fully restored so I rushed to the nearest Horizon Hub to claim it.


In America, we have the Mustang but in Australia, they have the Falcon, and in Europe, they have this. The Ford Capri. This is the first-generation Capri but not just that, this is the one with the 3098cc Essex V6 engine on it while mated with a 4-speed manual gearbox. It's based on the Cortina and built in three European plants somewhere in UK, Belgium, and Germany. Originally it was supposed to be called the Colt but Mitsubishi has rights for the Colt name.

This RS3100 model, the one with the 3.1L Essex V6 engine, uses a double-barrel Weber carburettor and power output is 150PS. Although this is a limited-edition model with only 250 units made for homologation purposes, it still found use in the world of touring car racing.

Well, now with the legendary Mk.I Ford Capri under my hands, looks like work isn't done yet because Barn Find number seven is on my sights. Find out in my later posts as me and my Capri are venturing through the seventh barn find.

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