Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Let Princess Clio do the talking!


Oh dear, guess I forgot to provide some introduction about the Renault Clio RS 200 EDC, part of the Mobil 1 Car Pack on sale now, and how does it perform. The last time I used it is when I come looking for the lost Willys MB. Time flies but oh well, might as well drive one anyway...


This is the first time the RenaultSport Clio (RenaultSport Lutecia for Japanese) spawned into a turbocharged five-door hot hatchback, which is kind of an unorthodox for Renault, but that's not all because for the first time, the new RenaultSport Clio has its manual gearbox thrown away and replaced with a 6-speed EDC gearbox, which made the Clio faster than its predecessors and that's good but that gearbox kinda frowns most hot hatch lovers thinking that throwing away a manual gearbox is a bad idea for a hot Clio, even when the 1.6L DIG Turbo engine develops the same output as the old model's 2.0L natural aspiration engine it replaces.

However, even though the gearbox disappoints most hot hatch fans, that doesn't stop them from enjoying the hot Renault Clio as much as they want judging by its motorsport DNA that most RenaultSport models have over the years. It maybe heavy and tend to understeer at high speeds but don't be fooled because it feels very mild to drive even for the racing-shy rookies. Even though its handling characteristics maybe somewhat disappointing, it takes time to learn how to drive this thing and if you spent several hours driving around the Renault Clio on Horizon 2, you will know that this is the hot hatchback you'll surely love to drive and coming back for more.


Well, guess the chatterbox ends here and I guess it's time to let Princess Clio do the talking for me so I've signed up to a championship suitable for this car but first, time to give Princess Clio some makeovers she'll surely love.


All set! Looks like Princess Clio's primed up and ready with her racing overalls donned and some minor improvements have been done to keep the Clio more alert and more responsive during races but what the hey? Let's go!

After winning the championship I've signed up for the Clio, looks like me and my Renault Clio are getting along just fine. You can rest now, Princess Clio, until tonight's big sleepover.

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