Monday, November 24, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: The Reborn Veterans

The sixth-generation Ford Mustang is not in the mood to fight the Chevrolet Camaro for now but instead, it likes to take on one of America's oldest sportscar names that is none other than the legend itself, the Chevrolet Corvette.


Both the Mustang and the Corvette are the veterans in the American automotive scene and with those reborn looks and performances, both the new Mustang and the Corvette are ready to take on the world like they've never done before, well the Mustang is anyway because the Corvette's been around from Europe, Asia, and America like a certain rock band's world tour. With the Mustang now reborn as a global sportscar, looks like this car is ready for its world tour on the four corners of the world just like the Corvette does but in the meantime, they both have a nice time flexing their bodies in the world of Forza Horizon 2.


When engaged in a race, both of these reborn veterans are showing off their true selves and they became fierce aggressors against each other but after the race, they're just good mates trying to impress themselves. I was amazed to see those two racing together in the same place.

With the new Mustang and the new Corvette are in my hands now, looks like it's time to put these two to the test since I've signed them up to a Modern Muscle competition in the vicinity of Saint-Martin but first, further improvements have been made to match the opponents' levels of performance.

corvette (1)

The C7 Corvette is now dressed in one of Belka's clothing as I give this car the Schnee makeover it deserves, in reference to the Schnee team from Ace Combat Zero. Although a mess, it feels like it's like the Schnee team after all and this car in this clothing will bask into glory. Looks like the opponents are messing up with the wrong Corvette.

mustang (1)

Well, not much to tell you about what I did to my 2015 Mustang GT but I have to say that I made even more sleek and sporty. Since both of them have been given major improvements to match the opponents', I guess it's time for these two to take halves. The C7 Corvette will take on the very serious half of the championship while the 2015 Mustang GT will take on the slightly serious half of the championship. Looks like these two are doing half the chores at the same day.

Looks like mission accomplished to them. These cars made me win the championship and I know how to push these cars' true potential and basked our way to glory. I can almost smell the finale through the horizon.

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