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Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

Pocket Monsters Alpha Sapphire

Pocket Monsters Omega Ruby

The eagerly anticipated and latest installments in the Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) franchise has arrived and wow, it's been over a decade since the original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions launched on the Game Boy Advance since Fall 2002 (2003 for world markets). With the brand new remakes made for the 3DS (from the old 3DS, 2DS, and new 3DS), it's good to say welcome back to the Advanced Generation as we return to the familiar setting of the Hoenn region.

Hang on, they made another remake of a once familiar generation?

Yes. In fact, this is the third time the boffins from Nintendo remade a Pokemon generation since...well, you know, FRLG on the Game Boy Advance and HGSS on the Nintendo DS. Let me give you a quick recap. The first time a Pokemon game made a remake was Fire Red and Leaf Green. These GBA games, launched in 2004, were remakes of the first ever Pokemon games first launched on the Japanese market in 1996 then in 1998 for the global audience. Heart Gold and Soul Silver were the second Pokemon remakes when it was launched on the DS in 2009 (2010 for global markets) and they were remakes of 1999's Gold and Silver Game Boy Color games. Those remakes only happens every decade when they Nintendo made new and exciting handheld consoles as well as Pokemon games. Science is amazing, right?

So, do we expect new stuff like any other remake?

Like any other remakes, we can expect new and exciting things on these remakes and because it runs on the same mechanics from last year's Pocket Monsters XY, expect familiar features such as Super Training, Pokemon-Amie, Player Search System, and many others. Also, Mega Evolution is now part of the new Hoenn life now. After meeting certain conditions, you can get the Mega Ring and mega evolve certain Pokemon holding the corresponding Mega Stone. Also, you can now sneak in this game because there's this part where when you see a Pokemon poked its tail, you'll have to sneak your way to get it because...who knows? It might be a Pokemon with insane abilities that might be found useful for you.

We can expect new Mega-Evolved Pokemon in the Hoenn region, right?

Of course. Throughout this game, you can find Mega Stones throughout this region. Here, you can meet mega-evolved versions of Pokemon like Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Sharpedo, Camerupt, Gallade, Beedrill, Pidgeot, Audino, Lopunny, Salamence, Slowbro, Glalie, Steelix, Altaria, Metagross, and Sableye. Legendary Pokemon like Latias, Latios, and Rayquaza now have Mega Evolutions and true to their cover arts, Groudon and Kyogre are showing their true selves with their Primal Reversions, transforming them into Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, each with their own devastating offensive powers even a rookie would launch it.

Does it have Pokemon contests like the original Ruby and Sapphire versions?

Yes. For the first time, Pokemon contests are back in ORAS and rather than battling, you can wow the crowd with your Pokemon's moves. That's right. You are back on being a coordinator and who knew being a trainer and a coordinator can be a difficult task to do? It's hard doing both but a true ace trainer never gives up on both. Besides, you can also join the Pokemon contest fun using your 3DS camera. Try impress your friends with this one. This is really one of ORAS' party pieces but the true party piece in ORAS is...wait for it...Pikachu cosplays!

Wait, Pikachu cosplays?!

Yes. Throughout this game you can get your own special Pikachu that can cosplay although the tail is a bit way different. Time to tell a little story why Pikachu's tail is different from each gender. A male Pikachu, like the one in the TV series, shaped like a thunderbolt and its tip of the tail is squarish and normal. A female Pikachu has a heart shaped tip on its tail. The Cosplay Pikachu is the same as a female Pikachu only this time there's a black heart at the tip of its tail so you'll know that's the Pikachu that can cosplay. Cosplay Pikachu has five cosplays and each cosplay has an exclusive move for that outfit. How you will manage this special Pikachu rests in your hands.

There are differences in each versions, right?

Like most games, the Pokemon you'll encounter and the story will be facing is different in each versions. Yes, we all know Groudon is only for the Omega Ruby and Kyogre is only for the Alpha Sapphire but there are some different in each version and, while we're not sure, mega stones. Like for instance, Pokemon exclusive to the Omega Ruby are Mawile, and Zangoose while Sableye and Seviper appear only in Alpha Sapphire. If you want them to be recorded on your PokeDex, trade with a buddy via Link Trade or if you don't have a mate nearby, trade with other people online via GTS or Wonder Trade. Isn't science great?

Is it compatible with XY?

Of course! You can Link Trade Pokemon not only in ORAS but also with XY as well. It's a fun way to complete the National PokeDex except for some Pokemons obtained in special events such as the Jewel Pokemon Diancie. It's Pokemon Bank applicable so your Pokemon you've worked really hard in X or Y can be transferrable on OR or AS. Kids, ask your parent or guardian before using Pokemon Bank because it's a paid subscription service.

Do we expect Braille?

Actually, this is the one thing we're going to expect in this remake because throughout this game, you will encounter hidden messages written in Braille and if you can't understand the Braille alphabet, do some research. If you can uncover the hidden message, you can stand a chance to catch legendary Pokemon such as Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. Because we're in the remake, Regigigas, the colossal Pokemon, is here and if you got all three, be sure to locate this colossal Pokemon. Be warned that you can expect a massive resistance upon encountering Regigigas. If you missed one on Diamond and Pearl half a decade ago, here's your chance.

So many legends in one place, what a spectacle.

Throughout the game, you might have a chance of getting the Eon Flute, which can summon Latias or Latios, allowing you to go on a free flight through the Hoenn region. As you fly through Hoenn, you can expect wild Pokemon soaring through the skies and as a heads up, expect Mirage Spots through the region as well. Mirage Spots feature legendary and mythical Pokemon from the past installments and if you're new here, this is like binge-watching for catch-up purposes. What an awesome view. Only this remake gives you the chance to catch every legendary Pokemon discovered to date but they vary depending on the version you're playing.

I heard that you can make your own secret bases...

Now this is just one of the party pieces in ORAS and that's building your own secret base. If one of your Pokemon learned Secret Power, you can use it in odd looking objects, be it rock or tree, called Secret Spot. Once you found your own Secret Spot, looks like it's time to make your own Secret Base. Come to think of it like a flash makeover on your room but this is Secret Spot we're talking about. You can also recruit one of your mates as your own Secret Pal and you can challenge them in battles whenever you like, form teams, and play Capture the Flag. It's all in the name of having fun.

Your verdict?

All I can say is that with these latest installments, Pokemon OR/AS really is a must have for the holiday season. With everything you expect from the original Ruby and Sapphire versions as well as newer stuff like Mega Evolution, Mirage Spots, new ways to encounter Pokemon, online features, Pikachu cosplays, the new Delta Episode, and so much more, this is probably one of the best Pokemon games I have ever played by a long mile. Think you can top against the ace trainers here? Looking forward to seeing you all. Dismissed.

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