Saturday, November 15, 2014


The final episode of Pure Love sees a very tearful end to the series about a young woman named Diane (Alex Gonzaga) who is on her journey to find three Pure Love tears within a very limited time as tasked by the Scheduler (Matt Evans).

Having spent the last six days of her life after accomplishing her journey and return back to her body, it looks like Diane's time is up and she's heading to the spirit world with the Scheduler alongside. But before heading to the elevator to heaven, her father Peter showed up because he died of a heart attack. Her father said to go back to her world because...her family needs her. Even her long lost sister Ysabel, the person she possessed her to do her quest, needs her. Her love interest Dave needs her. Because of such circumstances, Diane returned to her world and her father went to heaven along with the Scheduler.

Near to the end of the episode, Dave just opened a new Heaven Cafe in a distant place and most of Diane's friends and family were celebrating the opening. And it gets better; Dave finally engaged to Diane.

This concludes the story of Pure Love.

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