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The Pokemon Ash caught during the Advanced Generation years

In honor of the recently launched Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games on the 3DS, let's take a trip down memory lane to take a look at some of the Pokemons that Ash (Satoshi) caught during the Advanced Generation years. That's Pokemon Advanced to the English-speaking youth.

Taillow - The Tinyswallow Pokemon. Taillow bravely stands against foes no matter how strong they are. Ash caught one in an episode titled "You Can Never Taillow".

Treecko - The Wood Gecko Pokemon. Treecko uses its small hooks on the bottom of its feet, allowing it to climb through walls vertically. In an Advanced Generation episode titled Tree's a Crowd, when the big tree where Treecko considers it its home, is gone for good, Ash and his Pikachu battled it until Treecko is now part of Ash's team.

Corphish - The Ruffian Pokemon. Corphish catches its prey using its sharp claws. This Pokemon can eat anything and it's fine to live even in dirty water. In an episode titled Gone Corphishing, this Corphish caused all the trouble not only on our heroes but also the Team Rocket villains. After Corphish sent Team Rocket blasting off again from the trap Brock's Forretress set, Ash's Pikachu had a battle against the wild Corphish. Despite its type advantage, Pikachu gets beaten by Corphish but Treecko defeated it and caught it.

Torkoal - The Coal Pokemon. Torkoal burns coal inside its shell for energy and when threatened, it shoots out black soot. In an episode titled "All Torkoal, No Play", Torkoal became part of Ash's Pokemon team after battling against a wild Steelix. Thanks to its type advantage, Torkoal managed to defeat Steelix using Overheat.

Grovyle - The Wood Gecko Pokemon and the evolved form of Treecko. Grovyle has strong thigh muscles resulting to its incredible agility and jumping performance. Ash's Treecko evolved into a Grovyle during a battle against a trainer and his Loudred which evolved into an Exploud in an episode titled "Exploud and Clear".

Swellow - The Swallow Pokemon and the evolved form of Taillow. Swellow dives at a steep angle as soon as it spots its prey and then catches it with its sharp claws. In an episode titled "That's Just Swellow", Ash's Taillow was caught by a tornado during the PokeRinger competition and then its determination causes Taillow to evolve into Swellow. Swellow caught the ring, escaped from the tornado, and made a dash to the finish line, winning the competition.

Snorunt - The Snow Hat Pokemon. A certain folklore said that a house visited by a Snorunt is sure to prosper for many generations to come. In an episode titled "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snorunt!", a Snorunt stole Ash's badges right out of his backpack. When Team Rocket stole Snorunt and Pikachu, Snorunt escaped and then helps Ash stop the villains' evil plot to save his Pikachu. Snorunt became part of Ash's team.

Glalie - The Face Pokemon and the evolved form of Snorunt. Glalie can freeze moisture in the atmosphere and uses this power to freeze its foes. In an episode titled "Rhapsody in Drew", in the middle of the Hoenn Grand Festival, when one of Team Rocket's Pokemon hit Snorunt, it evolved into Glalie and its Ice Beam sent them blasting off again.

Donphan - The Armor Pokemon and the evolved form of Phanpy. The longer and bigger Donphan's tusks are, the higher the rank in its herd. Ash's Phanpy that he caught during his Johto Journeys evolved into Donphan in an episode titled "Reversing the Charges".

Sceptile - The Forest Pokemon and the evolved form of Grovyle. It's Treecko's final evolution form. Its leaves on its arms can cut down thick trees and uses it to strike its prey. In an episode titled "Odd Pokemon Out", Ash's Grovyle evolved into Sceptile while rescuing a kidnapped Tropius from Team Rocket. Although Sceptile's attacks are deemed worthless, Pikachu, Tropius, and a Nurse Joy's Meganium teamed up to sent these crooks flying. Sadly for Sceptile, it became heartbroken when the Tropius and Nurse Joy's Meganium became a couple.

Aipom - The Long Tail Pokemon. Aipom's tail is so power, it can be used to grab a tree branch and hold itself up in the air. In the episode titled "Channeling the Battle Zone", while May is taking on the Grand Festival semifinals, Ash tries to catch a troublesome Aipom and thanks to Pikachu, this troublemaker became part of his team.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is now on sale for the Nintendo 3DS. If you live in the US, revisit your favorite Pokemon Advanced episodes under the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire banner in the official Pokemon iTunes store!

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