Saturday, December 27, 2014


The year 2014 is almost at an end and for the December 26, 2014 episode, it's time to look back the best of Bubble Gang since 2014 with the Year Ender special. So, what 2014 moment did Bubble Gang pulled off from the wraps when this year began?

- Ex-Vice Mayor Dodo Be-Nice

Ex-Vice Mayor Dodo Be-Nice

- Elevator gags

- Kabit gags

- Lala Ytera

- Bubble Gang does Dove Ultimate White Deodorant by spoofing this commercial as LOVE ULTIMATE WHITE DEODORANT! Love's ultimate solution to lighten stubborn dark spots.

- Mr. Matapobre

- Boat gags

- Bubble Shakers

- Don Cantoni

- Bubble Gang does Lactum by spoofing this commercial as LAFTUM! 100% Nourished Kid!

- T3 Nyo

- The Gentleman

- The Kwek Kwek Song by P.A.R.D

- Spoiled na Misis

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