Saturday, December 20, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 - Best movies to watch for Christmas

Nothing beats having a Christmas break by watching a Christmas movie regardless of any genre you're choosing. Whether if it's action, comedy, drama, kids, or whatever, those Christmas-themed movies are sure to warm the movie buffs at home during their Christmas vacation. If you've been given a choice, it's time for me to suggest the best Christmas movies to watch during your Christmas break.

1) How The Grinch Stole Christmas - I'd recommend the one which stars comedian Jim Carrey in it. In this hilarious adaptation from a Dr. Seuss classic, Jim Carrey plays the titular role of everyone's favorite grump who tries to ruin Christmas in Whoville.

2) Home Alone - There's been numerous installments of this film but the first one is always the best one. This all-time classic is about a kid named Kevin who is left home-alone by his family when suddenly, a duo of burglars are trying to steal something from Kevin's house. It's up to Kevin to defend his house from the bad guys before his family returns home. The trap parts in the movie are usually an all-time favorite for those who've seen that classic movie several times.

3) The Santa Clause - The Santa Clause trilogy of films feature Tim Allen (the guy who voiced Buzz from the Toy Story movies) as the titular character who saves Christmas.  The first film is about a divorced dad who steps into the role as Santa Claus while the second film sees Santa find his new love interest or else he'll never be a Santa Claus ever and the third film sees Santa Claus come face to face with his arch-enemy, Jack Frost.

4) elf - This hilarious Christmas movie stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, who was raised by elves when he crawled through Santa's bag of toys when he was a baby. Now, he seeks his true self when he lands to New York City.

5) A Christmas Carol - I'd recommend the Disney version which stars Jim Carrey as Scrooge. Every year, Ebeneezer Scrooge is getting meaner and meaner until his day of reckoning is nigh. He encounters three ghosts who will witness his past, present, and his grim future, and he has to change his ways before his grim future came true. This is a life-changing film for those who are feeling a bit bah humbug on the holidays.

6) National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - The Christmas installment of the National Lampoon franchise sees the Griswold family taking on a Christmas holiday with disastrous and hilarious results.

7) Jingle All The Way - Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger shows his fun side in this hilarious action comedy where he, as the businessman, is fighting against a horde of Santas just to get his son a Turbo Man toy.

8) Fred Claus - Vince Vaughn stars as the unexpected brother of Santa Claus who is the total opposite of him in this hilarious and heart-warming comedy film that is surely sprinkle you some laughs for the holidays.

9) Tokyo Godfathers - Japanese animated film about three estranged people encountered an abandoned baby in the trash during Christmas Eve and set off on an adventure of a lifetime where they have to correct their past wrongdoings.

10) A Nightmare Before Christmas - This all-time animated classic made by the eccentric Tim Burton is about Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who is on a quest to save Christmas until he took an unexpected turn that caused the little kids suffering nightmares. Although the animation's a bit odd, the soundtrack and the musical sounds very good for an all-time Disney classic.

11) Miracle on 34th Street - This legendary holiday movie is all about believing in Santa, even if the main character is a mall santa under the name of Kris Kringle. I know this movie is all black-and-white because it came from 1940's but this legendary holiday movie still asks the age-old question: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

12) Die Hard 2: Die Harder - It's a little odd why we put this film on the list but this is sure fire enough to add some testosterone to your Christmas movie-viewing pleasure. It's the Christmas season when a ragtag group of terrorists attacked an international airport and it's up to John McClane (Bruce Willis) to stop this threat before putting innocent lives in jeopardy.

...there are so many Christmas-themed movies to list but the rest is all up to you so while you're still relaxing during the Christmas break, enjoy watching some Christmas-themed movies that suit your preference. Enjoy the holiday break!

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