Thursday, December 18, 2014

CHRISTMAS 2014 - How to throw a Christmas Party

Christmas Parties. It's what every party animal in the world who has the holiday spirit to throw one before Christmas and in order to be prepared to make one by yourself, here are some of the best tips on how to throw a Christmas Party at your own home.

  • Invite friends and family - First, you must send them invitations to your relatives and your friends just so you can tell them you're going to have a party. Either doing the old-school approach (say invitation card or telling to them on contact) or using social media should do the trick but just be sure you'll have to put the date, the time, and the location so they'll know that they'll be coming to you at the appointed time.
  • Serve meals - Don't leave your guests hungry for long. You should be serving some delicious meals to enjoy. Either cooking it by yourself or call for deliveries should work and oh, better serve some drinks too and please, no alcohol. Don't ask why but we don't want everyone to leave home with a hangover on the next day.
  • Fun and games - Entertain your guests with some fun and games. Be creative! Think of any games you'll want to play with them! Either parlor games, video games, or any game you know should turn the party to your favor.
  • Gifts - Tell everyone to bring them gifts for the party. You might be pulling off the gift-giving part of the Christmas party where you or your guests will give gifts with someone's name on it.
  • Chat - The party's over but when some of your guests are still in your home, do a little post-party chat with them. That will spice up the conversation. At that moment, you're free to do whatever you want with the remaining guests before it's time for them to go back home.
So, there you go. These are the tips on how to pull off a good Christmas party to your heart's content. Have fun throwing your own Christmas Party to your own liking!

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