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Daihatsu Move - Sixth Generation (LA150/LA160)

Just before the Daihatsu Move reaches its 20th birthday next year, it has been given its much-awaited regeneration and for this sixth-generation model, the brand new Daihatsu Move features a brand new chassis as well as host of fuel-efficient and safety features that will keep them afloat for a few years before Japan has no room for their home-grown kei cars anymore.

2015 Daihatsu Move

2015 Daihatsu Move Custom
Like as always, the new Move features two different styles that suits your taste. There's the normal model if you're a bit budget-focused and there's the Custom model for those who think that style is what suits this kei car best. Whichever Move you'll choose, you'll be taking advantage of its improved chassis, improved fuel-economy, and some technological features that will enjoy you to bits.

2015 Daihatsu Move Custom

2015 Daihatsu Move

Even though it's a brand-new model, the dimensions are somewhat similar to the previous model. It's still 3,395mm in length, 1,475mm of width, and 2,455mm of wheelbase but the new model's height is somewhat 10mm higher than the previous model.

Behind the new look lies the lightweight high-rigidity body structure called "D monocoque" which features a more high-rigid body structure and an reinforced underbody, improved suspension system called "D suspension" and a power mode-switching steering switch that allows drivers to change the control of the engine and CVT at the touch of a button called "D assist". Those new improvements sounds fine but for the former's 810-890kg weight, it's now bumped to 820-900kg. Although the added weight sounds more of a smaller penalty for the new model, it still acts well for a city car and its minimum turning radius is maintained to the previous model's 4.4m. Not bad.

They still come with the same 660cc 3-cylinder engine as always but thanks to those upgrades inside and out, fuel consumption is now up to 31.0km/L while turbocharged models (Custom only) can get up to 27.4km/L. That maybe more than the Mitsubishi eK Wagon rival but a little less than its chief rival, the Suzuki Wagon R with S-ENE-CHARGE. It seems odd why Daihatsu's not fighting back in the fuel consumption stakes against Suzuki. Well, in the game of the two kei car makers, looks like Daihatsu really admits that they're not going to fight against Suzuki in the fuel economy stakes but they're doing it for quality or so they thought. Hmmm...

2015 Daihatsu Move interior

2015 Daihatsu Move Custom interior

As for quality-wise, the interior isn't half-bad compared to what its Wagon R rival looks like and it's spacious as well. The rear seats can be moved forward or backward and they can be folded to accommodate wide range of luggage space. It even has a secret compartment at the rear boot where you can store things in secrecy. That's another good stuff for this new model.

For the sake of technology, the new Move also has an updated Smart Assist feature where, for the first time, not only it detects forward objects but also objects from behind and triggers a beeping noise that you're approaching to a near-collision situation and brings this car to an automatic halt. Looks like this kei car never get even smarter than this.

The new Move starts from 1,134,000 Yen (around $11,400) for the base model while the Custom model stats at 1,404,000 Yen (around $14,100). Although not quite as affordable as the rivals but this kei car is heavily focused on quality you can trust and with a few more extras, the new Move knows that the future really is now thanks to science. Yes. You get the idea.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

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