Friday, December 26, 2014

Doctor Who 2014 Christmas Special

The Doctor meets Santa Claus in the 2014 Christmas Special of BBC's Doctor Who titled Last Christmas. In the special, The Doctor and Clara met up with some strangers at the North Pole only to found out that they're stuck in a deadly dream only figuring a way out from a nightmare that kills them all. Celeb Nick Frost guested on the special as Santa Claus and this whole special brings the "believing in Santa" concept to a whole new meaning. Upon witnessing those mysterious creatures that cause them bad dreams in action, this whole Christmas special turned into something reminiscent of a movie called Alien.

What's weird in this special is one of the elves is played by actor Dan Starkey, the same man who did Strax the Sontaran Nurse in this series. Looks like the potato head showed off as an elf for all the wrong reasons. He he he...

As for the near end of the special, as everyone is awake and free from the dream crab's stranglehold, we witness how Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, looked like when she's old. Don't worry though. Old Clara's just a dream. The Doctor finally made it in the right timeline, saved the real Clara, and the story ends. IT'S A LONG STORY. (Yes, Really. It Is)

For now, Doctor Who returns late 2015 for their ninth season and you guys deserved a well-deserved rest.

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