Sunday, December 21, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: The 6-5-0


It's time for me to pass the torch to a new car because there's a NAPA Chassis Car Pack on Forza Horizon 2 on sale now and the highlight of this month's car pack is McLaren's latest sportscar, the 650S.

650s (3)

Sure, some people believe that the 650S is nothing more than a minor change model to the 12C but there's more to it than that because McLaren states that it's not a direct replacement to the old 12C even though McLaren stopped selling one due to the 650S' success since its announcement. By engineering the 650S, the folks are drawing inspiration from the now-legendary P1 hypercar and some of the P1's tech have landed on the 650S as well as its face. Yes. The face because the 650S is what happens when a 12C wears the P1's face just like that action movie with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in it.

650s (2)

It still has the same 3.8L V8 Twin Turbo engine as the 12C but as the name suggests, almost 650PS of power output has been produced and that's more than what the 12C had. That's more than what the Lamborghini Huracan also had and looks like there's going to be a dogfight battle between these two in our hands here. Handling-wise, the 650S can pull some crazy moves on the road despite being heavier than the 12C, and drivers need to have better concentration to master this machine. I shall now demonstrate it on its Monthly Rivals event made specifically for this car.

Wow. This car is as crazy as cooking with Rambo while terrorizing the audience. Handling this car is like stuntmen doing hula-hoop for a change but it's a lot more dynamic to handle than the 12C or the Huracan because this is a rear-wheel drive car made for the highly-skilled drivers who are as brave as...well...a brave bird.

650s (4)650s (5)

And while taking a break from racing against feistier opposition, the 650S tries to look at its best when it comes to show off its feisty silhouette. That really is one heck of a head-turner for those who wish to have one of these and when this car come face-to-face with the more-powerful P1, looks can be deceiving's like looking a reflection through the mirror.

The 650S is a sportscar that glimpse through the mirror of the P1's soul and while it's not quite as battle-ready as the P1, the 650S is well prepared to take on just about everything the opposition may throw at it.

I think I should need more time learning how to master the 650S' crazy handling capabilities. Otherwise, I would get thrown into the wind for no reason, no matter how hard I tried.

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