Monday, December 1, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: The BMW M4

m4 (1)

The latest M car from BMW has arrived on Forza Horizon 2 and while this 2-door coupe is a departure from the old M3 Coupes of yesteryears, it's worth being a performer as it takes its nice little holiday at Southern Europe. This is the BMW M4 Coupe.


Of course, you might be saying that the M4 Coupe is just a two-door version of the latest M3 Saloon and that's true because due to BMW's naming structure, the M4 Coupe is based on the 4-Series Coupe, which is the 2-door version of the 3-Series saloon. This car is very different from the 4-Series saloon judging from the conspiracy that why they coded it F82 rather than F32 from the normal 4-Series Coupe and what makes it very different is the use of its turbocharged engine that develops more power than the old M3 Coupe's V8 natural aspiration engine.

While the 6-cylinder turbocharged engine doesn't give you the noise we were hoping for, the added power makes it more quicker than the old M3 Coupe and even though it's a quick car, this car has no problems picking a fight against a multitude of super saloons from Europe. The Audi RS5 and the C63 AMG Black might be complaining about that one. It's well-balanced, it's poised, it's precise, and overall, a lot more fun to drive as the other BMWs offered in-game. I can spend all day long driving the M4 in this game.

Speaking of which, I signed up for the Super Saloons race where the BMW M4 will be taking on but to do that, it must have one major improvement before getting ready for the championship.

m4 (2)

This car is now donned in Belka's clothing because I made the M4's look more similar to the Silber Team from Ace Combat Zero. Notice the silver color, zebra stripes, and the Belkan Air Force logo in it, which makes a fitting for its personality although my M4 doesn't like my design I made for the race but never mind of course because major improvements are occured to keep it competitive.

I've even made a highlights video for this championship the M4's challenging on because...I don't know why but feel free to catch up to this car's progress.


Highlights too long? Never mind but me and my M4 won the championship and the road to the finale is almost at hand now! Nothing can stop us now!

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