Thursday, December 4, 2014

Forza Horizon 2: Driving the Grand Cherokee SRT

Two years ago in the original Forza Horizon on the XBOX 360, I've driven the current-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and this muscle car in SUV's clothing makes me feel like I'm donning a stetson and imagining the Colorado location as my Wild West where the Grand Cherokee loves to have a duel with the other cars. It may have sacrificed its mobility for the sake of added speed, this car has some cowboy's honor on it.

With the arrival of its facelifted ego, every Forza Faithful in the world were wandering when will the folks from T10 be featuring the facelifted Grand Cherokee SRT, even last year's FM5 didn't made the cut because they've just featured a previous-generation SRT8 with the 6.1L HEMI V8 in it. Until now...


Here it is, folks. The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. It's part of FH2's Mobil 1 Pack and although it looks the same as the pre-facelifted model that I drove in the original Horizon two years ago, some big changes have been occurred on the inside. Of course, it has some updated interior design in it but the biggest change of all is its gearbox. The pre-facelifted model has a 5-speed automatic gearbox but the 2014 model added three more gears so it's now an 8-speed automatic. 8 gears overall! That's about how many legs an octopus have or so I thought.


For a high-performance version of Jeep's flagship SUV, it's still behaves like a normal Grand Cherokee and all that beef jerky that I just ate for recess, this car still tastes like that old-timey Texan treat. That glorious HEMI 6.4L V8 engine sound, now that's beef jerky stuff and this sound can't get even more delicious. Yes. I just said that but since we're in FH2 and this is Southern Europe, there's no jerky but driving the facelifted Grand Cherokee SRT on FH2 tastes like fried calamari and nougat for lunch. Geez, why am I saying that? Is it because my mouth's full of chewy stuff?! Anyway, never mind about that but this hi-po SUV loves to chew through any road it crosses, be it tarmac, gravel, or dirt alike.


Although it feels the same as the pre-facelifted GC SRT8 that I drove two years ago, the latest Grand Cherokee SRT still has some cowboy's honor even in the world where beef jerkies aren't existed in Europe. Now that I spent several hours evaluating this car, I have a road trip back to the festival and I'll be using this car for the ride. Be advised: This SUV doesn't wait to go guessed it...the Grand Cherokee SRT needs to go like Nina Needs To Go. Anyone knows where the nearest restroom is? I really need to go.

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