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Gran Turismo 6: The Mazda LM55 VGT

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So, this is Mazda's Christmas Present to all of the players of Gran Turismo 6, their representative of the game's Vision Gran Turismo range called the LM55 Vision Gran Turismo.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca_1

So, what's it all about the LM55? For a start, Mazda's virtual racing is the pinnacle of Mazda's motorsport heritage which dates back to the 787B, the first and only Japanese machine that won the 24 Heures du Mans since 1991. By the looks of it, it really resembles like the legendary 787B and this racing machine incorporates Mazda's Kodo -Soul in Motion- design philosophy that has been stapled through their production vehicles.

This is the first time I have ever seen a Kodo-designed Mazda in the history of video games but not what I'm expecting at because this is a fantasy machine forged from the minds of both carmaker Mazda Motor Corporation and developer Polyphony Digital Inc.

Its performance remains a mystery but the drivetrain is 4WD, allowing this machine to get through corners with unprecedented grip and agility. Aside from that, the extensive use of carbon fiber components and an advanced drivetrain technology, which remains a mystery for now, provides the LM55 an outstanding power-to-weight ratio beyond compare of its class.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca_2

I tried one of these via a special Seasonal Event made specifically for this car and whatever lap they set can own the LM55 VGT for no charge in-game but I decided to go for the Gold Target Time to see how good the LM55 really is. It feels twitchy at first and it's a bit difficult to master for a future LMP prototype like this when going too fast but when I'm becoming more careful and brave through the LM55's key fundamentals, I'm starting to realize how the LM55 learned its lesson from its 787B predecessor and no matter how tight the bends are and how high the elevation is, this machine really does the talking and with my great execution towards this machine, I've snagged the Gold Target in 1:15.509. Regardless of lap time, I got to keep it for use in-game.

Circuit de la Sarthe 2013Circuit de la Sarthe 2013_1

With the LM55 under my care, looks like I decided to challenge this car against its predecessors at the Circuit de la Sarthe. First up is the 787B, the first and only Japanese Le Mans contender to win this enduring race and the other the Furai Concept, the concept that was once destroyed by a famed motoring show by accident. You may remember that pitiful moment, right? But no matter. I pit these two predecessors to the famed Le Mans Circuit and keep track of the times set. The legendary 787B set a lap time of 3:41.058 while the Furai Concept's lap time is 3:59.366.

Circuit de la Sarthe 2013_2

The LM55 Vision Gran Turismo combines the best of both worlds. From the heritage of the 787B to the future technology of the Furai, the LM55 harmonizes both past and present from Mazda's motorsports involvement and when the going gets tough, this future machine keeps on going all the way through the very end. When I keep longing to this machine, I'm starting to respect its overwhelming performance carried out from the 787B and as the saying goes, great power comes great responsibility. It takes responsibility to master the LM55's hidden talent if I want to survive long tracks like this. After one lap round the Sarthe, the LM55 did it in 3:37.828, quicker than the 787B!

So there we are. The LM55 VGT follows where the 787B and the Furai Concept left off and when taken with great responsibility, this machine is worth capable of unleashing its inner potential, resulting to its winning formula that the 787B pulled off from its glorious past. With the LM55, the Vision GT lineup is now consisting of 12 fantasy machines starting from the Mercedes-Benz VGT. Look forward for more VGT cars coming this 2015!

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