Sunday, December 21, 2014

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Anime and Christmas REALLY don't mix

In this special Heaven and Hell post for the Christmas 2014 specials in my blog, it's time for me to tackle why anime and Christmas REALLY don't mix and this is intended for those hostiles on my radar thinking that some anime had Christmas specials, which in reality, is almost never because anime is just SO focused on the storyline rather than doing specials stuff like Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, or any other holiday you know. Those holidays in the calendar REALLY don't mix in the anime world and that's the end of it.

In the past, Christmas is nothing more of a family tradition and a religious occasion but nowadays, modern men treated Christmas as a commercial festival rather than the usual stuff. Yes, there are some people do religious stuff in Christmas. That's why we have simbang gabi for the Filipino families who care about that big man in the sky rather than Santa Claus and then some other stuff to treat Christmas as a religious occasion but the holiday season for the modern family is about "shut up and take my money" when it comes to buy stuff just for the heck of gift-giving purposes and little kids want to believe if Father Christmas is real and risk everything to spot that bearded man in red. Well, you get the idea but Christmas in Japan...only works in the real world and not in anime purposes because people behind any anime you know just don't have the time to inject some holiday spirit to their anime shows.

Whoever those hostiles around me imagining of an "anime christmas" is the kind of person who doesn't believe in the showrunners' beliefs because showrunners behind the anime don't like to put that kind of festive stuff and focus on what's left on the anime's episode listings. Any episode that runs for 11 or 26 or whatever how many episodes are in it doesn't include anything Christmas-related and your chances of spotting an anime christmas special are just plain slim. I'm not saying that anime fans had no chances of spotting Christmas-episodes of their favorite anime shows but finding one is ranged from "few" to "almost never".

Yes. There are a few anime shows spawned Christmas episodes but I'm not going to list it because those hostiles are giving me the beeps as crazy as a missile alert from a fighter's radar. However, I will say that if you got to luck to find one Christmas-related anime episode, congratulations. You really proven me wrong that Anime and Christmas DID mix but only just. So go ahead, I'd challenge you to find one anime Christmas episode and if you found one, go watch it, and tell me what's that anime Christmas episode you'd just watch. I'm just challenging you how good you guys really are because...what kind of a hostile searcher who searches for something-something-something-index Christmas or something-something-something-maid-something Christmas or something-something-something-well you get the idea but you know what? I had just one thing. THEY DON'T REALLY EXIST! Want a bet? Those To Aru series don't have a Christmas special, Love Live doesn't have a Christmas special (sort of), Attack on Titan doesn't have a Christmas special, there's no such thing as a Naruto Christmas special, on and on and on and on and that's it. You get me now? Good.

Anyway, that's enough for now, but mark my words. Anime and Christmas REALLY don't mix but there are a lucky few that got the cut for the holidays. Thank you and see you again.


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