Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Let's Do The News! (December 16, 2014)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- At least three people are reported dead, including the gunman, after armed policemen put this Sydney cafe siege to the end. According to some reports, the hostage taker behind the siege, named Man Haron Monis, had list of grievances against people oppressing Muslims.

- A US law firm is preparing a nationwide class-action lawsuit against Takata, and other carmakers over the defective airbag system. Over 50 damages suits have already been filed against the said Japanese car parts maker and some of the Japanese carmakers, including Honda and Toyota.

- Health authorities in Japan's Miyazaki Prefecture confirmed the H5 strain of bird flu in chickens from a local poultry farm. They've conducted genetic tests after 29 chickens that died on Sunday and Monday and they found the toxic strain of avian flu in 3 of 5 samples. Japanese officials are on their effort to prevent the widespread of this latest avian outbreak.

- According to the United Nations, over tens of thousands of civilians are killed in South Sudan during a year of warfare and the nation's top leaders are putting their "personal ambitions" ahead of the future of their nation.

- A few days ago, there was a viral video about an airport police who berated a taxi driver after he refused to surrender his license at the NAIA Terminal 3 and netizens wondering if that cop did smashed the taxi's windows or so they thought. Now, the Philippine National Police's Aviation Security Group disowned the said airport cop from the viral video.

- The Reporters Without Borders reported that a total of 66 reporters were killed from barbaric attacks this year and 119 were abducted due to conflicts in Ukraine, Libya, and the Middle East.

- Jaguar Land Rover tries to prove that the future is now thanks to science because they'll be developing their brand-new 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen system, which features a Transparent Pillar System and the Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation System which took inspiration from video games.

360 Virtual Urban Windscreen system

- Bandai Namco Games streamed a promotional video of their upcoming Ace Combat 3D Cross Rumble + game for the 3DS, which is set to go on sale next month. This updated version of the 2012 3DS game features compatibility with Nintendo's amiibo figures which gives them special aircraft depending on their amiibo figure of their choosing.

- Seishiro Tsugumi from the Nisekoi anime series gets her very own Beach Queens figure from Wave, joining the ranks between Kosaki Onodera and Chitoge Kirisaki. She'll be available this June 2015 for 6,200 Yen.

Beach Queens Seishiro Tsugumi

- Click here to check out the latest trailer for the upcoming Shake, Rattle, and Roll XV, which is the official entry to the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival opening in Philippine cinemas Christmas day. In this latest installment of the hit horror anthology franchise, we can expect a snake creature lurking through the mall, a family turned into monsters, and a tiyanak hijacked a plane. Expect thrills, spills, and a few laughs this film delivers.


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