Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's Do The News! (December 9, 2014)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit continues to weaken and now classified as a Tropical Depression. All storm warning signals within the affected areas have been cancelled but despite being a Tropical Depression, it will still bring moderate to heavy rains within its 200km diameter. It's moving west at 13kph and it's expected to leave the country by early Thursday. No risk of storm surges but PAGASA warns of rough sea conditions, making maritime travel more dangerous.

- According to the Philippine Red Cross, the number of casualties brought by Typhoon Ruby are now 27 as of now. Most of the casualties were on the far eastern island of Samar where this typhoon made landfall last weekend. More casualties will be reported later.

- The village of Nagoro in the Tokushima Prefecture used to have hundreds of families but now, only 35 people remained, outnumbered by scarecrows created by a certain villager residing there to replace locals who died or moved away. This is one of the cases why most of Japan's villages and towns are depopulated, worse than the economic strife this Asian superpower has faced.

- According to a senior US general, the ISIS aggressors are starting to dwindle down and are now on their defensive position with less chances to counterattack against the joint strike force led by the US military forces.

- The Royal Couple are visiting the USA in separate ways as Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, visits New York to say hi to the kids and other locals while Prince William is in Washington D.C., the USA capital, to talk with President Barack Obama about a plan to end illegal wildlife trading.

- In the Egyptian capital of Cairo, 25 men were arrested by the nation's security forces at a bath house raid and they're suspected of homosexuality, dragging them naked out of the building.

- Although uncommon to have someone from an American-made web series to spawn a figure from a Japanese toymaker, Good Smile Company unveiled a threezero Ruby Rose figure based on the popular animated web series RWBY. Coming this April 2015, this 20,500 Yen (plus tax) collectible is a must-have for RWBY fans.

threezero RWBY Ruby Rose

- Disney teen actress from DWAB, G Hannelius, will be introducing her Make Me Nails app where users can create their own nail art just the way they want. They can customize their own nail wraps and order them online! Sweet! This app is a collaboration between her and Lauren Jones, the president of Jones Social PR.

More about this upcoming app: http://www.makemenails.com/

- Check out the first trailer for the upcoming Pan movie starring Josh Miller and Garrett Hedlund. This movie discovers the untold story of Peter Pan and how his adventure to Neverland changed him forever. It's set to show in cinemas Summer 2015.

- Former BCWMH actress Aiza Seguerra finally married to her non-showbiz couple Liza Dino in the US. They're both married at a private wedding at the Stones & Flowers Barn and Wedding Retreat at Sunny Patch Lane, California, recently.

- The Department of Health (DOH) is under fire by netizens over their infomercial on Teen Pregnancy. This infomercial features a certain cheering squad dancing to a beat and in that informercial, the jingle goes "hindi naman ako gaga, girl (I'm not crazy, girl)" and "hindi naman ako bobo, boy (I'm not dumb, boy)". At the end of the infomercial, it features DOH chief Dr. Janette Garin saying "Ang planadong buhay ay maayos na buhay (A planned life is a good life)".

Here's the informercial that sums everything up...

In light of this, the DOH removed the controversial informercial from their Facebook page after tons of negative comments pouring in from netizens.


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