Friday, December 19, 2014

List of movies against North Korea?

Screencap from NHK

You might already heard the news about Sony Pictures cancelled the theatrical premiere of the action comedy The Interview because of North Korean hackers threatening to terrorize movie theaters showing that film. This movie is about two interviewers tasked by the CIA to hunt down the North Korean leader but oh come on, it's only a parody. Why would they cancel such a movie like this because of the nation that fuels the fruit of their deep-rooted hatred to humanity.

You know, this canned movie isn't the only one targeting against North Korea. There are other films taking a stab from the said nation and I can remember some films with North Korea in it.

  • 007: Die Another Day - This 2002 Bond movie is Pierce Brosnan's final film for his James Bond role before his role was passed to current actor Daniel Craig four years later. In the beginning of the movie, James Bond took down a North Korean base before he got captured by the troops.
  • Team America World Police - This underappreciated marionette comedy movie made by the mastermind behind the South Park TV series is about a group of heroes fighting against terrorism led by the Film Actors Guild...and also North Korea's Kim Jong-Il.
  • Red Dawn (2012 version) - The 2012 version of the classic war movie stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Isabel Lucas, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It's about a group of resistance known as the Wolverines trying to take down North Korean troops that took over the USA. Yes. North Koreans because the original 1984 version featured Russian troops during the days of the Cold War.
  • Olympus Has Fallen - Last year's action flick is about a disgraced Secret Service operative, played by Gerard Butler, who's on the mission to save the White House hostages, including the US president, from a North Korean terrorist, played by Rick Yune (the same guy who played as the Bond villain, Zao, from 007: Die Another Day), before they'll initiate a nuclear attack on the US soil.
...there are a few action movies featured anything North Korea-related but the rest is up to you. Whatever the reason why the North Korean hacking caused Sony to cancel the theatrical release of The Interview is definitely worth a dent to the First Amendment or the freedom of free speech. For now, you movie buffs just rest up for now.

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