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REMEMBERING 2014 (Part Three)

Welcome back. Let's continue where we left off...

2014 RDMA

The music lovers from all over North America had gone wild finding out who will take home the ARDY's in the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards. The winners are:

Best Music Group - One Direction
Song of the Year - Come & Get It by Selena Gomez
Breakout Artist of the Year - Fifth Harmony
Best New Artist - Becky G
Radio Disney's Most Talked About Artist - Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)
Best Song to Rock Out to With Your BFF - Me & My Girls by Fifth Harmony
Artist With the Best Style - Zendaya
Fiercest Fans - Swifties (that's fans of Taylor Swift to you)
Best Musical Collaboration - Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran
Best Male Artist - Justin Timberlake
Best Female Artist - Demi Lovato
Favorite Roadtrip Song - Made in the USA by Demi Lovato
Favorite Song From a Movie or TV Show - Let It Go by Idina Menzel (from the movie Frozen)
Best Song to Dance To - Birthday by Selena Gomez
Catchiest New Song - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis
Best Crush Song - Still Into You by Paramore
Best Song That Makes You Smile - Ooh La La by Britney Spears

Bryan Castillo wins the BIGGEST LOSER PINOY EDITION Doubles

Last 2013, heavyweight pairs in all corners of the Philippines took part of their life-changing weight loss experience in The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles. After months of desperate struggle, all in the name of losing weight for the benefit of themselves, it has been one heck of a journey for those but on the finale, the final four; Bryan Castillo, Francis Asis, Kayen Lazaro, and Osie Nebreja, are on the center stage to find out who is THE BIGGEST LOSER.

Bryan Castillo wins The Biggest Loser after losing a total of 155lbs of his weight. He began with a very obese 293lbs but now, he weighs 139lbs! A 52.56% improvement! Kayen Lazaro placed as a 1st runner-up, having managed to drop 50.50% of her weight from 287 to 142lbs.

The end of the Hindustan Ambassador

The Hindustan Ambassador once started out in life as a Morris Oxford and when it was launched in 1957, it became the only passenger car produced in India until it became the symbol of social status and has been used to chauffeur high-ranking officials for many decades. After over 60 years of production, the Hindustan Ambassador has been discontinued because of poor sales, with only 2,200 units sold last 2013.

F1 2014

The 2014 season of Formula One has seen the biggest changes in the sport's 60-year history with new turbocharged power units and new aerodynamics, which combine to place more emphasis on racing skill and control in cars with more power delivery but less downforce than previous seasons. F1 fans didn't like what's changed but what they did like is the rivalry between two Mercedes F1 drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. These two are chasing against each other, vying for the world title, and in the end, it was Lewis Hamilton who declared the victor of the F1 2014 season.

Death of Maya Angelou

On May 28, 2014, notable American author, poet, and activist Maya Angelou died at the age of 86. The commemorated Afro-American poet-activist is respected for her inspiration to her fellow Americans and the world thanks to her strong presence of her literary works. She did read her poem at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993.

The end of Saturday morning cartoons

Traditional Saturday morning cartoons on broadcast TV across the USA is now gone for good after over 50 years of entertaining kids since the Cold War. CW's Vortexx programming block, the last of its kinds, has been replaced by One Magnificent Morning block, which features educational and inspirational shows targeted for youth and parents, since early October 2014.

The Beast asteroid

The Beast "2014HQ124" asteroid made its close approach at an estimated 1:56AM Eastern Time Sunday, June 8, 2014 (1:56PM Philippine Standard Time) and its close approach is about three times the distance between the earth and the moon. Asteroid 2014 HQ124 is over 1000ft wide and travelled at 31,000mph, but it posed no threat to the planet because of its distance.

Miami vs. San Antonio...again

Last 2013, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs spent seven games trading punches and the Heat became the surprise winner against Spurs. Now for the 2014 NBA Finals, it seems that odds are turned and it became a little bit more difficult than last year.

In the first game, the San Antonio Spurs kickstarted the 2014 NBA Finals after a 110-95 win against Miami Heat. Spurs won the first game of the finals. Then in the second game, the Miami Heat leveled the odds after the score of 98-96. In Game 3, San Antonio Spurs leading the game against Miami Heat at the score of 111-92. And in Game 4, Spurs still leading at the score of 107-86 against Miami Heat.

It's all down to this; Game 5, held at their home turf AT&T Center, and if Spurs win, they'll be declared as 2014 NBA Champions and they did, after ending Miami Heat's 2-win streak at the score of 104-87.

This is the fifth time the Spurs won the championship since winning their titles in 1999, 2003, 2005, and 2007.

Girl Meets World

On June 27th, 2014, Disney Channel aired Girl Meets World, which takes place several years after the original Boy Meets World. Enter Riley Matthews (played by newest sensation Rowan Blanchard), the daughter of BMW's Cory and Topanga Matthews, and her best friend Maya Hart (played by Sabrina Carpenter) as these two finding out what it takes to take on the world by themselves.

Rise of Hellcats

Chrysler Group LLC's SRT division launched two of the most powerful V8-powered cars that will terrify the world's mightiest into being the fastest. Enter the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. These two machines are powered by Chrysler Group's newly developed supercharged 6.2L V8 HEMI engine, which is more powerful than the C7 Z06 and the GT500 because it has exactly 707HP of power output!

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat
San Mig Coffee goes big in PBA

The San Mig Super Coffee Mixers helmed themselves Grand Slam Champions. First, they've won the PBA Commissioner's Cup against the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters in a best-of-5 match finals. Then, they've won the 2014 PBA Governor's Cup Finals against the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters at the fifth and final game of the match. Now, the once-famed San Mig Coffee Super Mixers are now re-emerged as Purefoods Star Hotshots on the PBA.

Germany wins the 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil

The two nations who rose from the top, Germany and Argentina, are battling to take home the coveted trophy and the title of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 champion. Having spent the last 90 minutes of the match defending, kicking, passing, committing fouls, and whatever they can throw from their arsenal of the best football players of the nation, the epic climax to the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil has became one of the biggest events in sports history.

Forward player Gotze is the German who scored the goal is the man who sent Germany taking home the coveted trophy and the prestigious title of FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 champion. Yes. 1-0. Germany wins. Germany is the 2014 WORLD CUP champions!

The Philippine Arena

On July 21, 2014, the members of Iglesia ni Cristo inaugurated the world's biggest indoor dome called the Philippine Arena. This arena, located in Bocaue and Santa Maria, Bulacan, was opened just ahead of INC's centennial celebration on the 27th of July.

This arena took 8.7 billion pesos and 30 months to build the largest theater on Earth while leaving two construction workers died while building the arena. The four establishments that was housed by the arena itself are EraƱo Manalo Medical Center, the Bulacan campus of the New Era University, the Philippine Stadium and the Philippine Sports Center

An average coliseum can seat up to 22,000 people but in this Philippine Arena, it has a seating capacity of over 55,000 people, more than the MOA Arena and the Smart Araneta Coliseum. The lot area is 74,000 square meters and 99,000 square meters on the total floor area.

...well, you must be tired. Come back for more on Part Four.

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