Sunday, December 14, 2014

Subaru Stella (LA150F/LA160F)

2015 Subaru Stella Custom

2015 Subaru Stella

Coinciding with the launch of the brand new Daihatsu Move, it seems that Subaru is following suit as well as they borrowed their recently-launched Daihatsu Move for their new Stella kei car and here it is now.

The new Stella, which is a Daihatsu Move borrowed by Subaru, features a more rigid body work, more technological features, and a more fuel-efficient engine that is almost a top-of-class for this magnitude. Like the new Move, the brand-new Stella, in normal and Custom variants, is now 10mm higher than the previous model while retaining its 3,395mm in length, 1,475mm of width, and 2,455mm of wheelbase.

Like the new Daihatsu Move, the new Subaru Stella features a lightweight high-rigidity body structure, which features a more high-rigid body structure and an reinforced underbody, improved suspension system, and a power mode-switching steering switch that allows drivers to change the control of the engine and CVT at the touch of a button.

2015 Subaru Stella interior

2015 Subaru Stella Custom interior

The new models come with the updated version of their KF-VE 660cc 3-cylinder DOHC engine which has an improved fuel economy of 31.0km/L while turbocharged models (Custom only) can get up to 27.4km/L. Yes. This is the same thing you'd expect from the recently-launched Daihatsu Move and with those numbers, it's maybe more than the Mitsubishi eK Wagon rival but a little less than its chief rival, the Suzuki Wagon R with S-ENE-CHARGE.

Lastly for now, the new Stella, like the new Move (yes, you get the idea), features an updated Smart Assist feature (as an optional extra) where, for the first time, not only it detects forward objects but also objects from behind and triggers a beeping noise that you're approaching to a near-collision situation and brings this car to an automatic halt.

The new Subaru Stella starts at 1,134,000 Japanese Yen while the Custom version starts at 1,404,000 Yen.

Photo: Fuji Heavy Industries

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