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Volkswagen Passat B8

2015 Volkswagen Passat

No, You're not seeing things. This isn't the same Passat as the last model four years ago because what you're looking at is the all new, eighth-generation Volkswagen Passat and when I say "all new", this car really means it because everything's new inside and out as well as it uses the VW Group's breakthrough MQB platform to keep its full model change as fresh as a charter change in politics.

The previous model is nothing but a carryover just like the same thing happened with the Golf a few years ago but for this new model, the new Passat tries to shake it up the executive medium sedan market with everything from its arsenal but has it really worked?

In terms on how the new, eighth-generation, Passat looks, it's somewhat mainstream from here but on the flipside, at least it's not as bland as the previous model and when other people happened to see one cruising on the city streets, there's no denying that it really feels like a combination of being a big-shot and a family man at the same time.

2015 Volkswagen Passat interior 

On the inside, it still looks like the same as the other V-Dubs but it has lots of gadgets you can play around for fun while on a stop. It has Car-Net that gives you real time information and traffic updates, new MirrorLink that lets this car use the same app as the smartphone you've synced on it, a telephone where you can communicate other people hands-free as long as you're not driving because talking disturbs your concentration, a high-end DYNAUDIO Confidence Sound System, and so much more you can play around in the Passat.

If the future is now thanks to science, the new Passat B8 has loads of safety features that will make you noticed such as Area View, Trailer Assist, Park Assist, Emergency Assist, Front Assist, and a plethora of safety features that keeps this car technologically advanced. I know that sounds nice but with all that tech lurking around the new Passat's skin, it feels like they're in charge now. Not us.

Because the wheelbase is longer than the previous model, passengers have no problem about the rear legroom. It feels as posh as...your grandparents' birthday at a three-star hotel. Hmmm... It sure is enjoyable at first but if it gets longer, you will get bored and there's no way out to get out of the boredom until everyone, including you, to leave. Yawn...

2015 Volkswagen Passat

Now, what about how it feels to drive a new Passat? Because of such exterior design, it's more than enough to accommodate a wide range of available engines, be it petrol or diesel,  There's a 1.4 TSi petrol and 2.0 TDi engine with different powerbands. Both of these engines come with BlueMotion Technology for better fuel economy which, in the 2.0 TDi engine with 150PS of power and 6-speed manual, can get you up to 25km/L on the EU Combined Cycle scale. It's too odd why the only petrol engine in the range is a 1.4 TSi ACT with a 6-speed manual but for those diesel models, not only they come with a 6-speed manual but also a 6-speed DSG for quicker shifts than a normal manual gearbox. They're all Euro VI compliant so don't even thinking about wishing for this one to arrive in a Euro II country, especially the Philippines. You know the drill, right?

Handling wise, it's not so bad to drive because of its lowered height, clever suspension setup, and the available progressive steering which feels as accurate as your passing grade that you've got from your pop quiz at college. You can take it out on the open road and it feels very relaxed as its driving dynamics of the new Passat shows less worries on the long and winding path. It feels like I've been ventured through the roads of Everest Hills for hours.

2015 Volkswagen Passat Variant

If you're a soccer mom on a grocery shopping spree, there's also an available Passat Variant as well and for this sports tourer, it has the same feel as the sedan version but with added luggage space fit enough for your weekly grocery shopping list.

The Passat is priced at 25,875 Euros for the sedan and 26,950 Euros for the Variant tourer and these cars are more valuable than those German luxury entry-level saloons but not as valuable as the Asian rivals such as the Mazda Atenza and the Hyundai Sonata. Should you buy one? The rest is up to you.

Photo: Volkswagen

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