Saturday, May 17, 2014

Godzilla (2014 film)

The king...has returned! Yes, the king of monsters is back on the big screen and this time, it's nothing like what you expected from the past Godzilla movies because the 2014 version of Godzilla promises to be one roar ahead from any other monster movies, especially the ones as seen last year. Made by the same blokes that brought you last year's Pacific Rim, this movie stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, David Strathairn, Bryan Cranston, Richard T. Jones, Juliette Binoche, and Sally Hawkins.

It starts in the year 1999, when a mining operation somewhere in, you guessed it, the Philippines uncovered a prehistoric fossil and an ancient parasite was unleashed in the site, causing havoc and in any case, destroyed a nuclear plant somewhere in Japan. 15 years later, the wrath of Godzilla is on and as the military doing everything they can to save the human population from being devoured or killed by the catastrophic monstrosity that rampaged the world.

The old Godzilla movie, made by Roland Emmerich several years ago, wasn't quite so bad but it feels somewhat lacking in the monster movie department even though this film has some touches by the same man who brought you numerous disaster flicks. It was good but rather disappointing. However, in the 2014 version, director Gareth Edwards really pulled it off very neatly because in the director's point of view, he wanted to give monster movie-goers a new experience to the king of monsters, while retracing its roots from its original Japanese counterparts where the first Godzilla film came in Japan since 1954. Hey, at least it's Godzilla's 60th birthday so it really explains a lot.

This monster movie feels like a disaster movie at the right places and as moviegoers are sitting still, they will simply tremble with fear thanks to the awesome special effects most monster movies would only dream of. If it's fear Godzilla delivers, it's definitely fear that strikes terror to the hearts of viewers to the end.

If there was a drawback, I would say it's the cast that are making it upset for the viewers and even the main character wasn't done a really good job especially the supporting cast. It seems that the fear the king of monster delivers really blown the human cast out of water and it feels more a bit dramatic but lacking in the acting department.

In conclusion, the modern Godzilla really pulled it off neatly in terms of storyline and special effects and I believe that this 2014 version really is a sure fire way to celebrate Godzilla's 60th birthday since the original Japanese film of 1954. If you watched the old one as well as the original Japanese ones, I would say that this is a must-watch for the summer season and you will never regret the fear you've experienced from Godzilla's trademark roar and his atomic breath that burns the hell out of the opposition.

My rating for this flick is a 4 out of 5 so it's a GOOD movie to watch 'till you're fainted.

"You're not you when you're hungry"

On the May 16, 2014 episode of Bubble Gang...

- IKAW AT ANG INA takes on...nonsense advices posted on status updates...

- Bubble Gags exposing secrets...

- The secret's out for his wife because...she didn't received any mail from him!

- Beki Boxing at its churva-ness!

- Several stuff that the doctor fools you are shown...

- Bubble Gang does Snickers by spoofing this commercial as SLICKERS. You're not you when you're hungry. Hungry? Grab a Slickers!

- Istambay, Istambay sa Looban, Masaya ang Pagdating ng Piyestahan, Eto na ang mga kamag-anakan, Simula na naman ang...INUMAN!!!

- More wise words from Tata Lino!

- Why saying repeated words are banned from our society?

- She's resigning because she finds her job not fit well to her tastes.

- This office worker sure knows what he's capable of...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Do The News! (May 16, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- The Disney Princess that started it all comes to life as Disney announced the live-action Cinderella movie based by the classic tale. It's coming to theaters this Spring 2015.

- For the first time, there was the list of high-ranking officials (both former and current) who are involved with Pork Barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles, called the Napolist. In that NAPOLIST, there were 12 senators and 67 congressmen in the official list from the woman allegedly responsible for the Pork Barrel scam. Find out who are those...

- As tensions rise, a Chinese newspaper favored violent steps against Vietnam and Philippines over territorial disputes.

- North Korea continues on their plot to end all humanity, looks like the evil empire's got their hands on their own new warships which raises doubts to sanctioning from this Communist country plotting to destroy Earth.

- BACK FROM HELL; the game that caused players destroyed their smartphones after unsuccessful leaping attempts, known as FLAPPY BIRD, is back with a vengeance and the man behind it said that when Flappy Bird returns this August, it will add a multiplayer feature. Not sure about this...but prepare your smartphone insurance!

- NEXT WEEK ON GRAN TURISMO 6: Volkswagen is preparing their Vision Gran Turismo concept which draws inspiration from the Golf GTi.

- About 104k units of the Nissan Juke crossover have been recalled over problems with the car's timing chain.

- Earlier, there was a massive oil spill in the streets of Los Angeles when a 20-inch pipeline burst and spattered over 10,000 gallons of oil on everything. So far, four people got injured and two people were hospitalized.

- Victorious alums Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia will be featured in an upcoming teen comedy movie called The Outskirts. In this film; Tori and actress Eden Sher were best friends who faced years of bullying from the school's cool kids. Shooting for this film will start this summer.

- With concerns over getting flooded during rainy days, the DPWH began road and drainage works on España Boulevard which is due to complete this July.


A 217mph E63 monster

Brabus 850 60 BiTurbo

A couple of days ago, I told that the new E63 AMG, with its S-Model that comes with a more powerful version of the M157 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine and the 4MATIC four-wheel drive system, proved that it still makes the rounds on the track with the added power and its unquestionable grip but only just. Now, the folks from Brabus knew I was wrong because what they want for the E63 AMG is more power so what did they do to it? They add more power to the teeth to produce their new weapon, the Brabus 850 60 BiTurbo.

What Brabus did is putting too much "male enhancement" stuff on the M157 V8 BiTurbo engine so that now, it has a displacement of 5.9L and with the host of performance enhancements such as big turbos, air intake, gold heat wrapping, and performance exhausts, capable of producing 838HP of power and 848lb-ft of torque.

In E63 S-Model guise, the top speed of the 850 will do about 217mph based on customer options. As for aerodynamics, their new body kit for the E63 is capable to reduce lift at speed and they're made entirely from carbon fiber.


San Mig Super Coffee Mixers declared PBA 2014 Champions

After winning Game 4 with a 3-1 lead against the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters in a best-of-5 match of the PBA 2014 Commissioner's Cup finals, the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers are now the 3-time PBA champions with such win snagged the elusive Grand Slam title.

Game 4 was definitely an intense one as in the first half, the Texters took the lead in a 52-38 score but when the halftime kicks in, the Mixers showed their true grit and in the fourth quarter, ace players Mark Barroca and James Yap throw everything they've got in their one last do-or-die match and in the end, the Mixers won the championship at the score of 100-91. It's official! The Mixers are now the PBA 2014 Champions, making it their third straight title win.


Image: ABS CBN News

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Now, time now for something big because the first ever PS3-exclusive iM@S game, THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL, has finally arrived and purists believed that this is really the departure of what iM@S suppose to be since...well, you know, but there's something more about this brand new installment of the iM@S franchise and let's find out what in the world is this game and before you jump into conclusions, this is a worthy one...

Three years ago, when THE iDOLM@STER 2 made its way on the Playstation3 for the very first time, the boffins from Bandai Namco wanted to make the PS3 version more than what they got from the XBOX 360 version so what did they do? They put some stuff that the XBOX 360 didn't have such as PS3-exclusive DLC outfits, songs, and many others...with the subtraction of the one costume that the XBOX 360 version of iM@S 2 had...the Punkish Gothic. I know, I got enraged by that catastrophic decision so much, I wanted to take further provocations until justice is served.

Now, most iM@S purists will surely disappoint upon the arrival of the PS3-exclusive ONE FOR ALL game and will this PS3-exclusive iM@S game will raise the tension to its catastrophic levels so much, I would rather write a letter of complaint about when will the Punkish Gothic come so PS3 owners can salivate it?

For the first time in the franchise, iM@S OFA gives players a chance to produce all 13 765PRO idols from Haruka Amami to Chihaya Kisaragi, from Ami and Mami Futami to Hibiki Ganaha, from Iori Minase to Yayoi Takatsuki. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the fate of 13 idols from 765 PRODUCTIONS now rests to your hands and it's up to you to change their destiny in their hopes to become the top idol.

ONE FOR ALL is now story-focused, meaning the producer, that's you or me, will risk everything to help the idol overcome their personal difficulties and blossom into artists once and for all. The road of becoming a top idol was not easy because it takes an available resource and funds needed to keep them happy and pumped up from rehearsals, auditions, and from a live studio audience desperate for the idols to sing their face off.

iM@S OFA is still more of a idol-producing simulator game like past installments and like any other iM@S game, you'll spend most of your time boosting your idols to the peak of their career and when it's show time, they're all primed and ready. The possibilities are endless and day by day, week by week, month by month, until the grand finale (in a form of an all-star live), ONE FOR ALL is definitely the iM@S game you would surely want to have.

Just like any other iM@S game in the past, this is still a button-mashing rhythm game and it takes amount of button mashing to score points and later trigger the Burst Charge for bonus points if you want to be a step ahead from the competition. But remember...because it focuses on three types; DANCE, VISUAL, and VOCAL, a healthy balance of these three is strongly recommended if you want a better score because if you mess it up, regardless of difficulty, it's all over and you've ruined their once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Costumes played an important role in the game, whether you bought it in-game or via DLC, and the great thing about ONE FOR ALL is that for the first time, you can mix and match your coordinates just the way you want. Just remember; how you dress them up for the show is all up to you.

At the end of the day; I can greatly assume that you can drop your grave misconducts about this game because ONE FOR ALL is probably one of the fine examples what Bandai Namco can do and for this PS3-exclusive game, I think the idol genre is shaking things up even though it faces a stiff competition.

For the ultimate iM@S experience, there's a limited edition 765 PRO NEW PRODUCE BOX, which costs at 11,880 yen plus tax. In this special package, not only you get the game but also a host of goodies suitable for the privileged few such as the main visual box, special drama CD, 13 posters, a pamphlet, a cleaning cloth, a 2014 calendar, and a special product code. Those who pre-ordered received a special code for either iM@S CINDERELLA GIRLS or iM@S Million Live mobile games.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

So, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has been regenerated for the 2015 model year and for this new-generation C-Class, the medium luxury sedan targeted for the yuppie generation wants to take a shot at its German rivals with its provocative-ish looks, state-of-the-art technology, and its performance that is a class act ahead from the competition...but how good is it, really?

Yeah, how good is it really?

In terms of its looks, the new W205 C-Class looks more of a baby S-Class judging by its headlamps and the taillights. They all look like it came from its S-Class big brother but judging from its identity crisis, it looks rather excellent indeed because it wants to be more of a matured saloon, as matured as someone who recently came out from a rehab. Also, it's now larger than the previous generation as well.

The new model is offered in three lines such as the Exclusive, Avantgarde, and a sporty AMG Line which features an AMG Sport Pack to keep it as precise as a...well, a hedge trimmer perhaps.

What about the interior?

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class interior

Well, the interior of the new W205 C-Class is getting a bit more like today's Mercedes-Benz models since the SLS AMG judging from its circular air vents which is now becoming a trademark of the Mercedes-Benz design because they want to give it a bit more first-class as experienced from a first-class airliner. What's more catchy in the eye of a tech-savvy driver is an overload of gadgets inside. It also features a new touchpad where you can do the controls with your index what you do with your smartphone all the time. Pretty soon, all the tech will surely eat your mind if you get spoiled with it. If I'm not driving with it, I would just play around with those but when I'm driving, I need to be all eyes on the road because driving really means big business. You can't procrastinate while taking behind the wheel for some important manners.

Is it safe?

In terms of safety, the new C-Class, like any other saloons, features a wide range of safety features as well as driver-assist systems which takes good use of its radar, stereo camera and ultrasound to tell the driver what should do in various situations on the road ahead. It maybe safe but it can be sorry if you're procrastinating on the road.


2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

At launch, the new W205 C-Class is offered with a 1.6L turbo petrol on the C180, 2.0L turbo petrol on the C200, and a 2.2L diesel engine on the C220 BlueTEC. There will be more engines added throughout this year, including a high-performance 3.0L V6 BiTurbo engine developing 333PS of power and 480Nm of torque. Of course, most models will come with either a 6-speed manual or a 7G-TRONIC PLUS gearbox.

Driving Feel?

2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

In normal roads, it's quite a precision well served thanks to its multi-link suspension that lets this saloon corners with ease and because it's now wearing its aluminium bodywork, the new C-Class is now more rigid and lighter than the old one but don't even try thinking that it's all work and all play because's all work and no play because the new model doesn't seem to be as sporty as its rivals. Yep, like I said, it's as matured as someone who recently came out from a rehab so when it comes to obey its orders, the new C-Class is quite a loyal machine...always following the right path of the road without all the fuss. Overall, it's all of a dramatic machine that never bothers to be as sensible as any other machines.


In terms of pricing, the new C-Class is now priced at 33,558 Euros for the C180 while the C220 BlueTEC costs around 38,675 Euros. It maybe more costly than the 3-Series but the C-Class is all about being a class apart from the competition. It may have a character but it feels like it's just another day in the office.

Photo: Daimler AG

Let's Do The News! (May 15, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- Next week's episode of Revolution not only sees the end of the second season but this is the end of Revolution as we knew it. Yes, it's the series finale of the hit NBC action-drama, Revolution, and in the final episode...chaos ensues as the Patriots come full force against our main characters. It's been one heck of a ride since when it first aired on NBC since two years ago but next week, witness how it all ends in Revolution. Don't miss the explosive series finale next week on NBC! Check local listings!

- Looks like SNL alum, Andy Samberg, is making a return for the season finale of NBC's hit sketch comedy variety show, Saturday Night Live.

- Two Filipino race drivers; Enzo Pastor and JP Tuason, as well as the event organizations are trading punches via Facebook. The article from TGP explains why...

- Will this hot hatch reclaim the king of FF hot hatches? Renault revealed the ultimate Renaultsport Megane ever made, the Renaultsport Megane 275 Trophy, and thanks to the added 10hp power to the 2.0L turbo engine as well as the added exhaust courtesy of Akrapovic, this is the most powerful Megane they've ever made. Surprisingly, it's 5HP less than the new Seat Leon Cupra 280...

2015 Renault Megane RS 275 Trophy

- As tensions rose between China and Vietnam over island disputes, violent protests broke loose and as the protests against China continues to grow worse, over 20 people were killed in the riots.

- There's a new brand of body image-positive fashion dolls coming this year. It's called Lammily, and it's a fashion doll made using standard human body proportions. Nickolay Lamm, the digital artist behind the new generation of fashion dolls, explains all about Lammily in an interview from SweetyHigh.
- I know most of you really missed Bella Thorne a lot but she revealed her brand new single called "Call It Whatever". It made a debut on Radio Disney, and this will be the title track of Bella Thorne's first ever debut album coming late June 2014. BELLARINAS REJOICE!

Call It Whatever

- Hermione Norris will guest star in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who Series 8, due this fall on BBC One.

- If you missed Game 3 of the PBA Commissioner's Cup 2014 finals, you may have known that San Mig Super Coffee Mixers took a 2-1 lead after a 77-75 win against the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters.


Gran Turismo 6: BMW Vision GT

Nürburgring GP_F

Well, what do we have here? There's a newcomer in the world of Gran Turismo 6 and no. It's not another one of the M3 Touring Cars and it's not even its successor, the M4, which took its touring car duty this year.

Nürburgring GP_F_1

What's this?

Nürburgring GP_F_2

What this is is the second chapter of the Vision Gran Turismo and this time, it's the turn of BMW. Meet the BMW Vision Gran Turismo, and this concept made in collaboration with Gran Turismo traces its roots to BMW's successful involvement in the world of motorsports.

Ascari Full Track

So...what's it all about? Tracing its roots from one of the most successful touring cars since the 70's, the folks from BMW designed a car made specifically for this game, interpreting it as a track weapon for the modern world. In my view, I believe that this dream machine blends the modern marvels with the historical heritage that BMW garnered from the past decades and its involvement in the world of motorsports, namely the DTM, the Nurburgring 24 Hour endurance, the ALMS (now the United SportsCar Racing), and so much more.

While the roots are all in the essence, the design of the BMW VGT took some cues from today's BMW models such as the headlamps and the taillights, they all came from today's BMW models, especially the M4 that I test drove last year. Sticking true to its "Freude am Fahren" slogan, the BMW VGT is the ultimate expression of joy when it comes to its sheer driving pleasure that Bimmer fans would want to know.

Ascari Full Track_2

Under the hood is a 3.0L six-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology, which delivers an impressive 541HP of power output and 680Nm of torque while it was mated to a 6-speed gearbox which I can't tell you what that is because this machine is purely a work of fiction from a real car company.

Thanks to the concept's extensive use of carbon fiber materials, it weighs at a featherweight 1,180kg and not only it has a perfect weight distribution, the power-to-weight ratio is an impressive 2.18kg/HP. But that's not all, the legendary aerodynamics inspired from past BMW racing machines really fit well thanks to its impressive downforce and drag reduction with the use of air conduction elements.

Ascari Full Track_3

So, in the hands of a driver, this concept is an all-rounder that has a healthy balance of speed and agility. Not only it's a powerful beast to slip past its rivals but it's also a magnificent performer at the corners. It handles like what every BMW racing car had been in the past decades. Such dedication deserves a tough challenge and I think there's one...

Nürburgring GP_F_3

From now until the end of this month, players can take part of the special BMW VISION GRAN TURISMO SUPER LAP and win this machine to use in-game. The car has been provided as a courtesy vehicle so you have the chance to sample the nimble footwork that this concept Bimmer it deserves and no matter the lap time would be...this car's yours.

Now, that challenge gave me the time to talk about how it performs at the Nurburgring GP/F, the venue for this special challenge...

Nürburgring GP_F_4

Although it takes a driver with his or her inner Kwazii-ness to master this machine, the BMW Vision GT is definitely one of the best handling cars in the world of Gran Turismo 6. Engine in the front, drive at the back, and a let's-pretend-I'm-better-than-Kwazii-was in the middle. Oh wait, that's not right...

What I mean is that it was definitely an epic concept car to drive at and even though you are driving like a Brainiac, the healthy balance of speed and precision really moves about and you can sense all the DNA from BMW's motorsport involvement in there. Well, if it's in the blood, it's in the blood.

Nürburgring GP_F_5

Of course, for a featherweight car with big torque, mistakes are bound to happened but it takes guts to tame this bewildering machine and if you got the talent to tame're starting to gain the respect the concept racer deserves...

Nürburgring GP_F_6

Nürburgring GP_F_7

After several laps later...I finally achieved the Gold Target Time for this challenge and I posted a 1:58.944 lap time, proving that the BMW Vision GT really pushes the envelope as the ultimate driving machine but only just.

This car is available on the VERSION 1.07 Update of Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation3 so best to update now to get this machine!

Nürburgring GP_F_8


Make: BMW
Country of Origin: Germany

Drivetrain: FR
Max Power: 541HP
Max Torque: 499.0ft-lb
Weight: 1,180kg

Senior Vice President BMW Group Design:
Adrian van Hooydonk

Head of Design BMW Automobiles:
Karim Habib

Head of Exterior Design BMW Automobiles:
Domagoj Dukec

Exterior Design BMW Vision Gran Turismo:
Fabien Clottu
Julian Bechteler

Head of International Product Placement BMW Group:
Claudia Muller

Head of Geometrical Design and Integration BMW M GmbH:
Heinrich Eickhorst

Head of Functional Design and Integration BMW M GmbH:
Thorsten Richter

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_2

With Mercedes-Benz and BMW presented their Vision Gran Turismo concepts, which carmaker will be next? Find out soon...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's Do The News! (May 14, 2014)

Things we learned today...

- IN SCIENCE STUFF: Six major glaciers in the West Antarctica have "passed the point of no return" with respect to melting into the sea, according to scientists. It seems that the melting of ice in Antarctica appears unstoppable because of the rising global temperatures.

- Guess who's coming to dinner at the PBB house? Sandara Park, better known as Dara from K-POP group 2NE1, will be guesting at the PBB house tomorrow! So...what would the housemates do when Dara's coming to dinner at the PBB house?

- Construction of the last Harbor Link segment in NLEX, the 5.65km Segment 10, will begin this month.

NLEX operator to begin construction of last Harbor Link segment

- The Brits paid tribute to the Ford Mustang's 50th anniversary by recreating the legendary Bullitt chase scene at Silverstone.

- General Motor's Buick brand will make the rearview camera standard in all 2015 models...ahead from the US Department of Transport's mandate for rear-view cameras in all automobiles built from 2018.

- The recent Jay Leno's Garage webisode sees host Jay Leno taking a thousand-mile trip with his McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar he just bought not too long ago...

- Enjoyed the Nisekoi anime series recently? Looks like the folks from Konami are planning a PSVita game based on the Nisekoi anime at the end of this year! What is it? Let's find out...

- Want an XBOX One now but can't afford the $499 price tag? While the X1 Kinect will be a hundred-dollar extra...the XBOX One is now $399. Again. An XBOX One without Kinect will costs $399 (plus tax). That's now the same price as its PS4 rival.

- Calum Worthy from the Disney Channel comedy series Austin & Ally will star in next year's movie, WISHING OUT LOUD. Sweetyhigh has this story.

- Following a series of sexist and racist remarks from North Korea against SoKor president Park Geun-hye and US president Barrack Obama, it seems that the spokesman from the South Korean Defense Ministry told that North Korean "isn't a real country and exists for the benefit of only one person", referring to NoKor president Kim Jong-un's extreme ways to end all humanity.

- The Peter Rabbit pre-school series has been renewed for a second season! That was announced by Silvergate Media and it will feature 52 11-minute episodes and two 23-minute specials. Also, aside from seeing Peter, Benjamin, and Lily back for new adventures, the new season will see new characters such as Tom Kitten, Mittens, Pig Robinson, and Mr. Tolly the Tortoise.

- After getting the viewers' hearts touched by an animated short called ANYA, made in collaboration with TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE, an organization dedicated to help orphaned and abandoned Russian children, and Brown Bag Films (that's the studio that brought you Octonauts, Doc McStuffins, Henry Hugglemonster, and Peter Rabbit, among many others), Allison at Crafty Is Cool inviting anyone who's good at making crafts to make their own Pascha (that's the ragged stuff toy as seen from that short) that will be sent for the benefit of TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE.


Sewol Tragedy: Questioning the owner's alleged corruption by his family

Prosecutors said that they will summon Yoo Byung-eun, the suspected owner of the sunken Sewol ferry's operator, Chonghaejin Marine Co., later this week for questioning over the alleged corruption by the owner's family. He's been told to show up at the Incheon District Prosecutors' Office by Friday, 10:00 am Korean Standard Time.

Source: Arirang Radio

Forza Motorsport 5: McLaren P1 - The Star Car of the Game

p1 (2)

This is the McLaren P1, it's a hybrid hypercar that incorporates all the technological know-how and their motorsport roots from McLaren's 50-year history. We all know we hate hybrids because when we hear this word, we often think of those horrid eco-boxes that are not very fun when we put our foot down. Who would even drive a hybrid with so much bumper stickers at the back reflecting society?

With the McLaren P1, we finally forget about everything we know about hybrids because this British-made hypercar rewrote the books by establishing it as a high-performance hybrid sportscar that we really love because of its formidable speed and its dynamic character underneath its drop dead gorgeous looks.

p1 (3)

Yes, we all dream to drive one of these but because of its ultra-high price and the fact that all of the 375 units have been accounted for...well because of the review from Top Gear, we may never have the chance to live the dream of driving the McLaren P1 but thanks to Forza Motorsport 5, we can achieve that dream. Thanks to McLaren P1 being the main character car in Forza Motorsport 5, we get more from this car not by its performance but its star factor that made both the car and this game the trademark it deserves. p1 (4)

The 903HP hybrid hypercar from Woking maybe more of a dynamic exotic but it can be tried and tested dramatically, giving players the chance to push the McLaren P1 to the absolute limit and find out what it's like to be behind the wheel of McLaren's ultimate masterpiece. As for me, however, it's a different story because it has so much power and so much torque, I might be having difficulty handling this beast unless if I'm brave enough to handle like a boss.

It maybe a hybrid but this car will be your new favorite in Forza Motorsport 5. you prefer the P1 or something else? I was just saying...


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Premeire condoms presents: Automax Carshow in Subic!

To all of you, car enthusiasts, out there in the Philippines and looking to spend some high-octane enjoyment for the summer; there's a tuner car show featuring car culture and some music to beat the scorching summer heat. That's right, folks. AUTO MAX Invades Subic! A car show and a beach party all rolled into one hot summer event for car enthusiasts and it all happens on the 31st of May, 2014, at the Boardwalk, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

This event is sponsored by PREMIERE Condoms and co-presented by: Autobot Autoworks, Perfect Circle Events, DECAL REPUBLIC, and BIGBOI Productions.

Balitang Six Six for 5/12/2014

Breaking news from the May 12, 2014's Banana Nite's BALITANG SIX SIX!

- Man with hangover...dropped himself with his bed along with it!

- BMX rider pulls stunts on a bench...bench slams him!

- Bank robber ate up all his evidences!

- Man lifting weights...while dog's desperate for a poo!

- Lady dancing with her booty until her pants ripped!

- Lady sits on a bridge...until she got splashed!

Meanwhile...some humorous photos showcased in another ETO NA POST! Such as...why her back looks like a centipede's, stockings or hair, a kid got his clothes hanged by clippers, dog with a horse's head, and a smelly shoe on a man's face as a punishment.

Toyota Ractis and Subaru Trezia 2015 minor change

It's the new Toyota Ractis (Verso-S) and Subaru Trezia! Sort of...The second-generation Toyota Ractis, as well as its Subaru twin, the Trezia, has been updated for the 2015 model year and for these compact cars, they're now more economical and keen looking than ever before.

2015 Subaru Trezia

2015 Toyota Ractis

Well, on the outside, some subtle changes are occurred from the front grille, revised headlamps, revised rear lamps, and a little else of that. Not only the outside gets some cosmetic changes but on the inside...

2015 Subaru Trezia interior

2015 Toyota Ractis interior

...well, there interior's mildly revised with the hint of a revised instrumental panel for some models. Now, even though the cosmetic changes is a bit enough to differentiate it from the pre-facelift, the biggest change happened on both the Trezia and the Ractis is the implementation of the brand new 1NR-FKE engine first applied on the Vitz minor change last month.


For a quick recap, the 1NR-KFE engine uses the Atkinson Cycle commonly used in their hybrid cars and provides and enhanced expansion ration and reduces waste heat through a high compression ratio of 13.5:1. It can be utilized with the use of a tumble flow-generating intake, cooled EGR, and VVT-iE (Variable Valve Timing - intelligent Electric) technology.

With the new 1NR-FKE engine, both the Trezia and the Ractis will have the JC08 Mode-calculated fuel economy of 20.0kmpl but couple that with the idling stop feature and it will return about 21.8kmpl, making it one of the class-leading fuel-economy figures ever recorded. Of course, if you want more power, you can opt for the 1.5L 1NZ-FE engine, which develops 109PS of power output and fuel economy of 20.6kmpl when equipped with an idling stop function. Of course, most models do come with the CVT gearbox but for 1.5L models, the CVT comes with a 7-speed manual mode and a SPORT switch which makes it a bit too peppy...I think...

The 2015 Ractis starts from 1,615,091 up to 1,954,800 Japanese Yen (about $16,200 to $19,550) while the 2015 Trezia starts from 1,566,000 up to 2,131,000 Japanese Yen (about $15,700 to $21,310). The pricing may not be textbook but they can be a smart buy for the smart consumers.

Available colors for the Ractis: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Super Red V, Bronze Mica Metallic, Light Blue Mica Metallic, Satin Blue Mica Metallic, Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic, and Super White II.

Available Colors for the Trezia: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Super Red V, Bronze Mica Metallic, Satin Blue Mica Metallic, and Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic.

Sewol Tragedy: Three members named martyrs

Three crew members of the Sewol ferry that submerged last month were recognized as "martyrs". All were part-time members - including an engaged couple - who could have escaped but remained in the ferry to help trapped passengers. Those members were Kim Ki-Woong (age 28), Jung Hyun-Seon (also age 28), and Park Ji-young (age 21). These members' heroic sacrifices stood in stark contrast to the captain and most of the crew who were abandoned ship on the day of the sinking.

So far, the death toll is 275 while 29 people remained missing because search and rescue efforts remained hampered by bad weather.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Let's Do The News! (May 12, 2014)

Things we learned today...

- It's Game 2 of the PBA 2014 Commissioner's Cup Finals and in this game, the Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters leveled the score to 1 all after a 86-76 game against the San Mig Coffee Mixers.

- Gene Simmons from the legendary rock band, KISS doesn't even know what Love Live is especially when on the sixth episode of the second season of the hit anime series. He even tweeted the words "WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE COMIC OR SHOW?" How off-beating...

- The Love Live game app is finally available for English-speaking customers on Apple iOS and Android under the School Idol Festival moniker. I should told you when you have'll get a first-day irritance because of the maintenance message. Oops...

- Even though Finland's cellphone giant, Nokia, is pulling out from the smartphone business, they're simplifying in the world of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Is it now...Connecting Drivers?

- Embattled actress Claudine Barretto claims that the 2004 civil wedding with actor Raymart Santiago was a fraud and the recent murder attempts against her has been disclosed. PEP has this story.

- IN CASED YOU MISSED IT: The housemates who are risked to be evicted on the Pinoy Big Brother house are...Chevin Cecilio, Maris Racal, and Loisa Andalio.

- The Philippine government is set to release the two Chinese minors, who were among the 11 Chinese nationals arrested for illegal fishing last week in Palawan.


F1 2014: Spanish GP

For the fourth time in this season, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes is once again stands out the crowd after a thrilling fight to the finish against his teammate Nico Rosberg at Circuit de Catalunya.

After the match in Spain, looks like Hamilton's in the lead on the driver's standings at 100 points while his teammate, Rosberg behind at 97 points, and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso lagging on 3rd place at 49 points.


So, there's no stopping Lewis Hamilton now and his championship status is just too early to declare the winner. There are plenty of remaining rounds in this season that will give rivals a chance...or in any case when Hamilton's fighting spirit lingers. Find out as F1 2014 is on Monaco this 25th of May.

Wow Mali Pa Rin! (5/11/2014)

On the May 11, 2014 episode of WOW MALI PA RIN!

- SAMALAMIG SA POOL - Do you wanna know where did we get this kind of refreshment? From the swimming pool! ENJOY!!!

- SUSHOOT...SUSI - One of Joey's angels has a key in her...melons. Care to grab one for her?

- FLORES DE FLASH MOB - The Flores De Mayo's coming to your footsteps!

- FAMILIA DE GRASA - Even greased-up beggars just wanna beat the heat this summer...especially if he's afraid of going to the swimming pool!

- ANAK NG FU - In this week's ANAK NG FU, Mr. Fu enlisted two middle-aged women to pretend to go blind and ask someone to read her text message. Get your sweet talking on!

- MEE HALO-HALO KA? - Fancy a halo-halo with a milk that comes from...goats?!

- DRUNK SWIMMING - Captivating...Alluring...PERO SUKAHIN...SEXY SUKA.
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