Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bandai Namco Games to be renamed as Bandai Namco Entertainment

Since its merger in 2006, the Bandai Namco Group have been expanding their businesses from Japan and across the world ranging from their video games, hobbies, amusements, and so much more. Now, Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., the company name, announced the decision to change the names of their subsidiaries, effective April 1, 2015. On the said date, the once Bandai Namco Games Inc. (BNGI) will be renamed as Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. (BNEI).

The reason for this name change is to widen the definition of their business field to entertainment without limiting them to the present field of games.

Press Release: http://www.bandainamco.co.jp/files/1217E5AD90E4BC9AE7A4BEE7A4BEE5908DE5A489E69BB4(E88.pdf

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