Monday, January 12, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Nissan's IDx NISMO Concept

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So this is what "First in Forza" really means on the recently-launched G-SHOCK Car Pack for the Forza Horizon 2 XBOX One game and the arrival of one of Nissan's coolest concept cars really sizzled me to bits. Although it looks a bit boxy and small, the IDx NISMO Concept tries to trace the legendary 510's footsteps in a whole new way.

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This experimental sports car concept was premiered at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and it was based on the IDx Freeflow concept. It was designed entirely by young people who spent their time playing racing games that features cars of the past and from all corners of the globe. They used the legendary Datsun Bluebird 510 as an inspiration to create a modern-day interpretation of a legend.

The design of the IDx NISMO is purely race-inspired inside and out and as proposed, the iDX NISMO is powered by a high-performance, eco-friendly 1.6L DIG TURBO engine mated with a CVT gearbox with 6-speed manual model.

I know it's a bit odd why we had a car mated with a CVT gearbox but on this game, it doesn't feel CVT-ish and by being true to the proposals, the CVT's 6-speed manual mode kicks in. Six simulated gears. That's right. You can really shift this thing with a bit of drama for later but despite the questionable gearbox on a concept car that appeared for the first time on Forza Horizon 2, it feels fantastic to drive for an experimental vehicle.

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I was given an opportunity to try one out on a monthly rivals event made specifically for this car. On that monthly rivals event demonstrates the full nature of the IDx NISMO. So I took part on it to find out just how good this concept car is...

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It's no surprising for a small car like this, the IDx NISMO Concept really fares well in terms of speed and agility. Although trying to mimic the progress of the legendary Datsun 510, this car never fails to impress me no matter what and I'm actually rather fond of it even though I'm not a fan of concept cars.


The IDx NISMO Concept is part of the G-SHOCK Car Pack on the Forza Horizon 2 XBOX One game and if you want to try out Nissan's coolest concept car, don't hesitate to do it.

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