Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Probably one of the best STis ever made


What's not to like about the mythical Subaru Impreza 22B STi for the time being? It maybe a road-going version of the rally car that dominated the World Rally Championship in the 90's but amazingly, this blast from the past can really handle any road surface it see fit. Because most Scoobys are renowned for its breakthrough 4WD drivetrain that is beyond compare than any other 4WD systems, even its rival Mitsubishi trying to imitate to the very end, the 22B STi, which is based on the coupe version of the first-gen WRX STi, which is based on the Impreza Retna, enjoys its cult following among speedo boys everywhere even when it was ceased to exist from history, not even the rear-wheel drive BRZ cut its mustard from its face.

Yes. I do love driving the BRZ because it's a rear-wheel drive coupe that gave Subaru a new spin (despite the fact that it was actually a Toyota 86 from a Subarist's point of view) but this one is still one of the best Subarus ever made in history.

It's probably one of the best STis ever made because it was heavily inspired from the championship-winning rally car from its glorious past. It's too bad Subaru lost its rally heritage ever since its withdrawal from the WRC but it has found competitive spirit on the track even at the Nurburgring.

22b (2)

Since this is Horizon 2, I want the 22B STi to relive its glorious past, either on and off the road, and to find out, I've signed into a championship made specifically for 90s rally cars like this Subie. But first...

22b (3)

Now that's a look only speedo boys would love. Since body kits are adding the weight of this car, I decide to counter it with the cheapest weight loss available while retaining its performance index suitable for this car. Although, the power output hasn't been fiddled due to its performance index that I'm afraid I might go over from its limits, the weight loss and the added drag should be enough to be more competitive in a race of 90s rally icons.

With the 22B bagged me a step closer towards the finale, I guess I decided to give this car a little break by taking a road trip back to the Horizon Festival. Hard work really pays off to fulfill the dream of reaching the finale!

Looks like it's time for me to take a break for now but with only six more championships left before unlocking the finale, our journey continues.

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