Saturday, January 31, 2015

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: Echoes of Maguindanao's bloody fate

Before I begin my opinion about the terrible incidents occurred within the Maguindanao area, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the relatives of the fallen 44 PNP Special Action Forces members. My thoughts and prayers belong to the fallen 44 so God bless these brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their nation.

Maguindanao, ARMM, Philippines

In the beginning, I was going to picture the province of Maguindanao, which is part of the Philippines' Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, to be such a wondrous place for would-be adventurers like you and I. Although, I haven't been to this province in ages because I'm stuck at being a city boy for the rest of my life for no reason, some people say that the province of Maguindanao has the awe-inspiring, bountiful, and historic countryside sceneries.

However, the province's image has changed and it became one of the most dangerous places to live...according to one theory anyway. It was probably not because of the tragic Maguindanao Massacre that killed 58 people, 32 of them are journalists, somewhere in Ampatuan, but also it was the spot of the recent Mamasapano siege that killed 44 of the Philippine National Police's top policemen known as the Special Action Force.

Although the massacre of 2009 and the recent slain of 44 SAF units due to a mis-encounter from the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) and the BIFF (Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters) were totally different stories, it seems that the echoes of the province's bloody twist of events are starting to slip through my mind like a careless whisper from a devil beside me.

It's hard to fathom that these two gruesome events occurred on such a peaceful province like this. It's like, as always, history repeats itself. You once witnessed the death of journalists six years ago somewhere in Ampatuan, and now, you witnessed the death of the top policemen in Mamasapano due to some misencounter between the two armed factions. Those killings had turned the wondrous Maguindanao province into a death valley where no one's safe, not even journalists and enforcers alike.

No matter how gruesome those events are, it seems that the nation's government, currently under the administration of President Noynoy Aquino, remains stagnant when it comes to resolving conflicts, At first, I thought the president wanted the Philippines to cross the straight path to strength and stability just as he promised during the 2010 elections but when he took power, he's facing numerous blows from the public such as the 2010 Quirino hostage drama that killed several Hong Kong tourists (and blamed the police's lack of judgment when it comes to negotiate a hostage taker who is revealed to be a sacked cop), the PDAF Scam, Typhoon Yolanda, and so much more that caused people showing dissatisfaction towards President Aquino.

I'm starting to believe that most Filipinos are starting to depreciate President Aquino's actions after all these years and because it's almost a year away from the next elections, it won't be too long until someone will take over his presidential throne and when it does, he or she will correct all the mistakes PNoy heralded in.

I may be a blogger without an ambition but the reason for writing this article is to awake the government and seek justice not just for those who lost their lives in a morally-desolate province but also the morale of the good nation. We maybe a nation that brings the "fun" into the "more fun in the Philippines" but the dream of a corruption-free country is a very very long road ahead unless the government must change and cooperate with the citizens to establish a new standard for our nation.

As the saying goes, we must let time shed light for the truth. Anyway, I should stop here for a now and I think this is what I'll believe in it. I believe that the nation's government will one day awakened from the truth and undo all of the wrongdoings they have heralded in, even in provinces like Maguindanao where the brutal killings made it morally desolated.

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