Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's Do The News! (January 1, 2015)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- So far, only seven bodies have been recovered from the AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crash site from the Java Sea off Borneo as severe weather hampered the search for the missing passengers from last week's disappearance.

- There has been a stampede occurred at Shanghai's Bund district during the New Year's Eve celebration. Some say the stampede happened when people stopping to pick up "play money" thrown from the balcony of a nightclub. According to reports, 35 people died while 42 are injured. Looks like they never made it to see the New Year through their very eyes.

- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that he's open to top-level inter-Korean talks while delivering his New Year's speech to present his government's policies for this year.

- Japan PM Shinzo Abe says that he will continue to stabilize Japan's government this year. Following on the Lower House election last month, he says that he has been tasked to continue to take full responsibility of his position with the strong support of his citizens.

- Meanwhile in Quezon City, residents of the Barangay Apolonio Samson faced a horrendous start to the New Year as reports told that over 2,000 houses were burned with the fire reaching General Alarm. The fire started at 0645 hours and the General Alarm was raised at 0810 hours Philippine Time.

- Dutch sportscar maker Donkervoort is teasing a special edition D8 GTO model called the Blister Berg, named after a private circuit.

Teaser for a special Donkervoort model

- Azumi Asakura, the VO behind Yukiho Hagiwara from The iDOLM@STER, has been reportedly being stalked. She moved multiple times to avoid stalker who would follow, find her home, and ambush her. Sheesh...What's going on with the iM@S voice actresses these days?

- Toymaker Hasbro is in deep trouble over their Play-Doh toy that parents got enraged over it because it's shaped like a man's private part. Can't mention the five-word P-word due to legal purposes but Hasbro's looking forward to replace the phallic-shaped extruder tool in its play set.

- If you missed the Liv's song for the New Year from the New Year's Eve episode of Liv and Maddie, check out this clip! It's called "You, Me and the Beat" and it's from the episode titled "New Year's Eve-A-Rooney".


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