Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Renault Samsung SM5 Nova

2015 Renault Samsung SM5 Nova

This is the second-time the latest-generation Renault-Samsung SM5 has been given a facelift. The first facelift came out in late 2012 as the SM5 Platinum. Now, for 2015, the Renault-Samsung SM5 has been given a facelift once again and now called "SM5 Nova".

Drawing inspiration from its big brother, the recently-facelifted SM7 Nova, the new SM5 Nova features a brand new front face that looks as conservative as the previous facelift and it looks even better-looking than before.

Although the interior's been slightly changed, the software's been change to accommodate Smart Mirror system for the first time on a Korean car. This system mirrors the drivers' smartphone's display on the sat-nav, allowing the driver to take control of the smartphone's features in the car. This is a breakthrough in the world of in-car connectivity. They can check maps, call and text others, listen to music, and do anything they want just like what they do on their smartphones everyday.

It still comes with the same 2.0L petrol, 1.6L turbo petrol, and the 1.5L diesel engine of choice and depending on the model, transmission types are either the XTRONIC CVT or the dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

There's also an LPi version of the SM5 as well which comes with the same 2.0L petrol engine as the normal one but with the LPG Donut Tank located underneath the boot to maintain boot capacity despite carrying an LPG tank under the boot. However, the LPi version of the SM5 is available only for fleet purposes and not for private ownership.

Prices now start at 22,500,000 Won for the PE model with the 2.0L petrol engine up to 28,900,000 model for the 2.0L RE model. The turbocharged TCE model starts at 27,900,000 Won while the D model (the one with the diesel engine) costs 25,900,000 Won.

Photo: Renault Samsung Motors

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