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Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria

Since the first ever Tales of game launched in late 1995, the Tales of series from Namco has been the forefront of Japanese RPG history. As the franchise keeps evolving into new and exciting ways that will keep JRPG fans longing for more tales, fans will really keep looking forward for the series' 20th year this 2015.

Bandai Namco kicks off the Tales series' 20th birthday with the brand new addition to the Namco Tales family and it's called Tales of Zestiria.

According to the people behind the scenes, the latest installment of the long-running Tales franchise is classified as an "RPG where passion lights up the world" and because 2015 is the Tales of's 20th birthday, they want this latest installment to be the template for the series' future just like what other past Tales titles done for the fans worldwide. For this new chapter in Tales history, Tales of Zestiria will hopefully garner a new set of fans, old and new alike, thanks to new and exciting features as well as the storytelling which has been the forefront of the Tales of series.

Amazingly, Tales of Zestiria is a hybrid game because not only it has the main game on it but also comes with the complete TV mini-series of the same title, serving as the taste of what lies ahead of the main character Sorey and his allies on their epic journey to save the world from an imminent threat, so you can experience the dramatic storyline that you can expect once you start the game and go on an epic journey as Sorey and his friends.

The battle system has been evolved from the past Tales of games and now, TOZ features a brand new "Fusonic Chain - Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS)" which gives the series' real-time battle system a whole new overhaul and features a gauge that allows characters free battle to their heart's content and effects such as healing and blowing away enemies are usable. Also, this battle system comes with the brand new "Kamui" feature and don't tell them what that is because this feature lets Sorey join forces with Heavenly Beings such as Lailah, changing his form and unleash a barrage of powers to blow away the opposition. Now this is a strategic work players need to master if they want to survive the battlefield.

Aside from new ways to battle, there are other ways to do on foot as well. You can engage in a chat sequence (which is kinda like the skit part from past titles), clear obstacles, accessorize your characters with new outfits and accessories, engage in optional subevents, test your battle skills on the colosseum, and so much more. There are so much to do while you're taking a break on the main quest or if you need a little boost on what lies ahead.

There are DLC contents heading your way on Tales of Zestiria, as well as collaboration ones from Evangelion, Capcom's Sengoku Basara, God Eater 2, and of course, The iDOLM@STER. Expect more DLC items heading your way, especially those that can make a match not just for Sorey, but also Rose, Leilah, Edna, Alisha, and more!

So, how come we sum this game up? Well, while this game remains available only to Japan while Bandai Namco awaiting their decision for its global debut, the latest chapter of the Tales of series sees this franchise grow into new and exciting ways that fuels not just Tales veterans but also newcomers as well. There's so much to love about TOZ and we think that's enough for that.

Overall, Tales Of Zestiria is definitely the best present for the series' 20th anniversary since 1995's Tales of Phantasia.

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