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Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

In the past, the Z06 is more of a Corvette carrying a big thirsty seven-litre V8 engine with some slight improvements from the base model. Now, with the seventh-generation Corvette, the Z06 has been reborn and this time, it's been raised to its supremes because not only it carries a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine which now delivers more power than the C6 ZR1 but it inherits some of its aerodynamics from the C7.R race car that fought countless races especially at Le Mans. You can think of the new Z06 as the road-going version of the said race car which you can use it on the road and on the track at the same time.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Convertible

For the first time ever, the new Z06 is now available in two different styles; in coupe and convertible guise. That's right. There's now a Z06 with the open top for the very first time and it doesn't like any other high-powered convertibles of today because the engineers have been very skillful and the convertible version weighs similar to the coupe version because no structural reinforcements needed for this one.

Which means that whichever style you choose, be it hardtop coupe or opentop convertible, you are onto the supreme American sportscar that likes to compete with the world's elite sportscars or so they say.

How does the new Z06 share the motorsport knowhow from the C7.R racer? A lot. There's this carbon fiber roof and hood which reduced weight and lowering the car's center of gravity, a dry sump oiling system that protects the supercharged engine during high-g turns, a hydroformed aluminum frame which keeps the new Z06 lightweight and strong, adjustable rear spoiler wickerbill, composite floor panels, and titanium intake valves and connecting rods. Most of the stuff you found on the C7.R racing machine are all here and the new Z06 is wider than the base Corvette Stingray by about 56mm front and 80mm rear.

There are three packages to start with with the latter one is the Z07 Package. It's so odd why they got that name out from the formula that was once used on a once-defunct shampoo. You know what that is? When I think of Z07, I can think of Gard shampoo. No one makes these anymore these days, eh? Anyway, no time to rinse this because the Z07 Performance Package features the C7.R stuff I've mentioned above along with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ZP summer-only tires and Brembo carbon ceramic brakes. Since summer is a long way for the Z06 with the Z07 package to prepare on its sortie on the track, best to stick with Stage Two, which is the Carbon Fiber aero package.

The coup de grace of the Z06 is the brand new LT1 supercharged 6.2L V8 engine. Although smaller than the previous model's 7.0L V8, which can be seen on the Z/28 Camaro, the new engine develops a powerful 650HP of power and 650lb/ft of torque. This is now the most powerful engine ever made by General Motors. It maybe almost 57HP less than the new king of V8s, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, but this is much more similar to McLaren's 650S.

Having a supercharged engine is like bolting an Eagle to a stetson and then fly away at hypersonic speeds and that sounds too chunky for me because this engine can be mated with either a 7-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic. I know that having an eight-speed paddle-shift gearbox is not a bad idea for a Vette especially that it can outperform a manual one but as for the fun factor for the new model, it's best to stick with the 7-speed manual because this car is made for the hardcore drivers, those who are still lucky enough to say that they're not yet married or they're virgin. Good for you, bro. You can have all the time in the world to goof off.

According to one theory, this supercharged V8 engine that powers it got blown up at just 891 miles and whoever told about what just happened must have a point because that's one heck of a loophole the new Z06 has faced. Hmmm...

On the handling side, the new Z06 feels as maniacal as a wicked fairy trying to lash out with lasers and some explosions scattering around the skies like a burst missile. It features different driving modes to choose from which adjusts the Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Performance Traction Management, and electronic Limited Slip Diff. Science really is amazing but even with science in its side, I think that you can have as much fun as you like just like what you did on the Stingray when the traction control is off. How's that? Compare this with the traction control off and on? Sounds good but I swear I heard that idea before but getting high on the Z06 never felt as exhilarating as the Raptor taking on the Terminator to the skies above.

Drivers should need to have a high level of mastery and a natural talent to master the Z06 because even though this is more powerful than the Stingray, its dynamic handling style can't be contained and you have to be more sensitive while dogfighting this one at your local track.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 interior
On the inside, the new Z06 still comes with the techno goodies from the Stingray and there's also a nifty cool feature called the Performance Data Recorder because...uh, why do I have to say it, science is so amazing, you can really see what's like to capture the world from the Corvette's point of view. This industry-exclusive extra allows drivers to record onboard videos, be it road or track, with four different modes to choose from. There's also a Valet Mode which allows the Corvette to record video and data when someone else is driving. Good news for careful owners, bad news for fidgeting valet boys.

The new Z06 starts at $79,000 for the coupe model and $83,000 for the convertible model. Yes, they're both very expensive to own but they're much cheaper to own than Europe's finest supercars so it's a bargain. Should you buy one? The jury's out. It's it worth more enjoyable to own? Oh yes.

Available colors: Black, Arctic White, Torch Red, Blade Silver Metallic, Shark Gray Metallic, Night Race Blue Metallic, Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic, Laguna Blue Tintcoat, Velocity Yellow Tintcoat, Crystal Red Tintcoat.

Photo: General Motors

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