Friday, February 20, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Me and my RC


Far away, you might notice there's a hot German sports coupe in sight and then you rushed to it enthusiastically and all of the sudden, it was just a mirage. More than a's Lexus's brand new RC F! Boom! It's like when you though there's a faraway Dr. Pepper vending machine and all of the sudden, it was just an RC Cola machine. Boy, oh boy. That joke never get too old, eh? Anyway, no time for "insert Family Guy joke" here because the Forza Horizon 2 Top Gear Car Pack introduced us to Lexus' latest high-caliber sports coupe that will surely pick a fight with the BMW M4.


So, the new Lexus RC F. What's it all about? Well, this is a high-caliber version of the Lexus RC coupe, which both of these models were launched in Japan last fall with some unwelcomed reception at first.

It comes with the same 5.0L V8 engine derived from the decommissioned IS F but now it's been updated so it produces 477PS of power and 530Nm while mated with an 8-speed SPDS gearbox. Stats aside, that's a lot more powerful than the M4 but sadly, its almost 200 kilos heavier.

Lexus says that this car draws its performance inspiration from their current Super GT racecars to deliver track-focused sharpness on all corners of the world but since we're in Europe and this is Forza Horizon 2, the RC F is somewhat twitchy when going to the max. I can get myself tangled easily while its chief rival, the BMW M4, can do better than that. I once tried the BMW M4 in this game a few months ago and I said that it's well-balanced, it's poised, it's precise, and overall, a lot more fun to drive as the other BMWs offered in-game. Sadly for the RC F, it can do better than that.


I was given an opportunity to try out the RCF via a Monthly Rivals event just to see how this high-caliber Lexus can do for me and for this event, this is much more of a challenge to be honest.


That was one of the most challenging attempts ever made for a car like this but even though it lacks the precision of the BMW M4, I think the new Lexus RC F have finally got what it takes to impress the Horizon crowd. Things took a nasty turn for the new Lexus but we handled it pretty well. I expect great things for this car to come because it wants to continue where the departed ISF left off.


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