Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Noble Roar with the Noble Heart


It's been a while since the last time the Noble M600 appeared on is on the first Forza Horizon game since 2012 and now it's back on Forza Horizon 2 via the Launch Bonus Pack. I am very excited to drive the pride of Leicester once again in this beautiful European scenery.


The M600 from Noble is powered by a Yamaha-derived Volvo 4.4L V8 engine with added twin turbos to deliver either from 450HP up to 650HP at the flick of the switch. Although free of any electronic driving nonsense, the Noble is equipped with a traction control switch that resembles of a fail-safe button seen on fighter jets. With the traction control off, driving the Noble is a hard thing to do due to its sensitive handling that will send even the unskilled drivers flying but at the hands ot the brave and skilled drivers, this is one fast hypercar they won't have to worry about especially when the power-to-weight ratio of this car eclipsed the Bugatti Veyron.

In Race setting, the 0-60mph time is three seconds and top speed of an estimated 225mph, more than the Lamborghini Aventador's 217mph speed.

Anyway, enough of the description, it's time to continue my journey because with three championships left before the finale, I will drive the Noble for the championship I've signed up and yes, hypercars are the prime specimens for this championship. Venue? Nice Massena. Ah, France. I always love to drive on French roads in this game's my style you know.


In preparation for the clash of hypercars in Nice, some major improvements have been made on my Noble while taking advantage of the Veyron-eclipsing power-to-weight ratio. I also made some finishing touches on the exterior so who did I featured this time? Yep. You guessed. I've made a design of Pokemon XY's Serena and Pancham for my Noble.

Sure, you might be thinking that's not Serena but yes she is because she now has a new look. From pink dresses, red sleeveless trench coats, blue ribbons, short hairs, new hats, Serena's changed from who you think she is and I chose this Noble to reflect her change's just like that one episode of Top Gear when Richard Hammond's Noble broke down and then replaced with a new one during their Italian road trip.

Anyway, no Italian road trip here because the venue I'll be taking on is Nice, which is in France and France is where the inspiration of Kalos comes from, and this is where I'm going to continue my road on the finale.

With a little slice of Kalos in our side, it's time for the Noble to's Noble Roar.


After winning the championship, it looks like the Noble told me that it wants to race in this place as long as it wants and as long as we're in France, the Noble founds its true home on the road. This car made me proud on what we're fighting for and look at its race-torn radiance, it shows that this car is not giving up without a great show and as long as I'm on the wheel, the Noble tries to show even the most established of the supercars will be feared for.

Now with two more championships left on the trot, my journey to the finale continues. Well done, Noble. You made me happy.

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