Saturday, February 28, 2015

Let's Do The News! (February 28, 2015)

Welcome back. Here is your current sitrep:

- The Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was killed near the Kremlin, a day before the mass protest against the Russian government. The death of the 55-year-old Russian politician who opposed Putin sparked anger among the opposition and called his death an assassination. Nemtsov was working on the report that can expose Russia's involvement with the rebels that controlled eastern Ukraine last year.

- US lawmakers averted the imminent shutdown of Homeland Security as Congress passed a one-week funding extension just hours before the midnight deadline.

- Onto the Greek debt crisis, Greek PM Alexis Tsipras told that their bailout measures are well and truly over and he will revise the nation's austerity measures during Friday's Cabinet meeting. The Greece and the EU have agreed on a 4-month extension of bailout measures for the country and the Greek premier said that the extension allows Greece to negotiate with the EU on reducing its debt without problems.

- The International Atomic Energy Agency or IAEA told that Japan needs to step up against terrorism at nuclear facilities in Japan. It was told during their 2 week stay in Japan  for some evaluation.

- The last of the fuselage from the Air Asia QZ8501 crash site, which killed 162 people on board, in the Java Sea has been obtained, as told by officials.

- Legendary actor Leonard Nimoy, famed for being Mr. Spock from the Star Trek TV show, passed away at the age of 83.

- Effective now on the weekends, the Metro Rail Transit's operating times are now shorter due to scheduled maintenances.


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