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Renault Espace V

For over three decades, the Renault Espace has been one of the most important cars in history. Although it's the least sportiest car ever made, it has been one of the greatest seismic shift in automotive history. It's no wonder why the people carrier is invented for the said purpose. In recent history, it seems that the Espace is too much underappreciated for a people carrier no matter how many full model changes occurred. Desperate and Renault's going to remove the Espace from the map but the name's too sacred because it's the name that put the people carrier to the automotive world so with no choice left, Renault decided to keep the Espace for a while but modernize it with a whole new spin.

2015 Renault Espace

So what's the spin? It has transformed from a large MPV of yesteryears to a luxury crossover of today. It wasn't quite pleasing to the loyalists but despite being a full-sized crossover, it still feels like a people carrier because you can still fit some families, dogs, or businesses in it. You can even use it on a weekends whether if its a shopping trip or a road trip to one countryside, province, prefecture, whatever you call it, to another.

It's quite shoddy why they've turned the Espace from a lackluster MPV to a modernized crossover for whatever reason but by the looks of it, it has some premium feel to its sleek design. and even though it looks big for a tall people carrier, the Espace isn't half bad to look at.

2015 Renault Espace interior

In its three-decade history, the Espace is well-known for its clever interior and for this brand new Espace, the interior's redefined with something classy but with the hint of cruelty in it. Inside, you can opt in for either a 5-seater or a 7-seater and for the cruelty of it, there's no twin center glovebox from the previous Espaces, no swiveling seats (because swiveling seats is so old-school), and worse of all, no CD player. What you see on the dashboard is an iPad-esque touch screen loaded with Renault's next-generation R-Link telematics system.

On the upside, there's no need to get rid of seats for luggage purposes. You just have to fold down the seats at the touch of a button and no problem. You can do whatever you want like most people carriers do. You can sleep in it, work in it, play in it, the possibilities are endless but why? Maybe it inherits the same versatility from past Espaces. That's for sure.

2015 Renault Espace

To be a practical people mover, the engine has to be practical and for the new Espace, it's offered with just a small 1.6L engine with three different setups. First, there's the efficient ENERGY dCi 130 which is mated with a 6-speed manual gearbox, producing a reasonably 130PS of power, and 320Nm of torque. Combined fuel economy is 22.2km/L. Then, there's the petrol-powered Energy TCe 200 engine connected with a 7-speed EDC gearbox which produces a more powerful 200PS of power, 260Nm of torque, and combined fuel economy of 16.1km/L. And lastly and the core of the range is the ENERGY dCi 160 engine mated with the 6-speed EDC gearbox. This engine has the most torque of the three engine variations with 160PS of power and 380Nm of torque.

Amazingly, this high-torque diesel engine draws its inspiration from Renault's Formula 1 engines and you can expect similar engine techs as seen on F1 engines such as a transverse water flow system, U-Flex piston rings, and a greatly reduced friction by surface super finishing.

It's not just the engines that shine the Espace out from the rest but thanks to the new platform and refined aerodynamics, it's more lighter as well and with the available 4Control chassis, it feels more nimble as well.

2015 Renault Espace
Although the new Espace lacks some of the classic Espace features of yesteryears but with its clever features, added room, and its bold design, it really works it charm although my point of regret is because of the lack of CD player, its traditional dashboard that lacks the dual glovebox from past Espaces, the choice of diesel engines which will soon be forced out when Parisian laws prohibits cars using them goes on effect, but it's the pricing that made me regret and with prices start at 34,200 Euros, more expensive than the Renault Scenic.

Also, it's available exclusively for left-hand drive markets. Sorry.

Available Colors: Noir Etoile, Marron Glace, Blanc Nacre, Gris Cassiopee, Beige Dune, Gris Platine, Bleu Celeste, Blanc Glacier, and Noir Amethyste.

Photo: Renault

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