Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Who should run the internet?

The Federal Communications Commission  or the FCC will be meeting with the top politicians of the US capitol on February 26, to decide if the internet should stay free and fair, or if it should be handed over to the cable companies. Which means, they have a choice between the open, fair, democratic internet we love or a ruthlessly inefficient internet where ISPs get to pick and choose whose content gets priority, whose gets slowed down, and whose might never get transmitted at all.

We need your help. If the FCC cooperates with cable companies, it will be the end of the internet once and for all and be treated like cable TV for worse.

Keep that in mind that the FCC has this get-out-of-jail card called Title II, which could act as a bill of rights for traffic on the internet, and ensure that cable companies can't abuse their positions as carriers of that traffic. We need the FCC to maintain Title II and keep the internet free for all, not for the cable companies who are trying to slow them down.

To learn more and if you want to save the internet before the February 26 deadline, visit

Hurry! You can save the internet and we have the strength to win this!

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