Wednesday, March 18, 2015

All New Hyundai Tucson (TL)

2016 Hyundai Tucson

Well, this is quite a surprise for us. After being introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show a couple of weeks ago, the brand-new, third-generation Hyundai Tucson (bearing the TL chassis codename) has now arrived to keep the medium-sized  crossover competition heating up and for this new model, it looks like it wants to show how its done.

First and foremost, let's look at the design and looks like this is like a mashup between different cars for this one because the front looks like it came from a Ford Edge while the side view looks like it came from its big brother, the Santa Fe, and the rear view looks like it came from the Jeep Cherokee. This is like a blend of Asian-American cuisine that your parents might cook up for dinner but even though it looks like it's fresh out the boat, the new Tucson is a real looker.

2016 Hyundai Tucson interior

On the inside, it looks like it came from the first-generation Genesis saloon but it was made all in the name of premium on the new Tucson. As for the comfort zone, this 5-seater still never fails to impress. It works well as a family car because not only you can take your kids at the back and go off to different places, say granny's house or a park or whatever the kids want to go, it's convenient and versatile just like any other SUVs do. You can fold down the rear seats to accommodate luggage spaces and with the max boot space of 1,503 litres, that's fit enough to carry two treasure chests you've dug from the beach and some extras.

Connectivity wise, the new Tucson is equipped with the Bluelink 2.0 telematics system which delivers turn-by-turn navigation updates while on the go. You can even use your phone as a carkey to operate the new Tucson wherever you are.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

The normal Tucson retains the e-VGT R2.0 diesel engine connected with either a 6-speed manual or automatic but there's a new version called the Tucson Fever, which is available exclusively in front-wheel drive. The Fever variant comes with the smaller e-VGT U-II 1.7L diesel engine that develops 141PS of power and 34.7kg-m of torque but here's the kicker; this engine is mated with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox, a first for a Korean SUV. The new gearbox allows a seamless, quick shifting feel unlike any other and thanks to this gearbox, fuel economy is 15.6km/L. That sounds interesting but feels like someone might be expecting to miss out this clever stuff in case if someone lives in a Euro 2 country or in a big nation where Korean SUVs don't have diesels available for some reason.

Another kicker for the new Tucson is that it was honed at the Nurburgring to deliver performance unlike any other. Yep, this is becoming more of an enthusiast's treat and because it's been Nurburgring-trained, you can expect a more sportier suspension setup built to tackle corners in a dignified and sophisticated manner, just like most European cars do.

2016 Hyundai Tucson

The all new Tucson is never far behind with tons of safety features such as the highly clever Auto Emergency Brake, Blind Spot Detection, Electronic Stability Control, Lane Departure Warning System, Static Binding Light, and Advanced SPAS which allows this one to park hands-free.

Because it uses advanced high strength steel on the bodywork, the new Tucson is now lighter and more rigid than the previous model by about 51%.

The all new Tucson starts at 22,500,000 up to 29,200,000 Korean Won, which sounds to be reasonably priced for a crossover of this magnitude but this Nurburgring-trained Tucson looks like its ready for its next destination whether if its today, tomorrow, or the next day.

Available colors: Pure White, Platinum Silver, Pepper Grey, Ash Blue, Ruby Wine, Sepia Topaz, Phantom Black, Ara Blue, and Sedona Orange.

Photo: Hyundai Motor Company

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