Monday, March 2, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Cult Classic Impala

You know, I've never tried any classic American muscle cars here in Forza Horizon 2 but looks like my hairy-chested insticts told me that it's time for a change and I decided to try on one of these classic American muscle cars...except that it isn't one...


This 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 may not be what a classic American muscle car should be but what this is is a cult classic. At first I thought it looks like the Supernatural car but no because our classic Impala is way more different than theirs. The reason why this particular model is one of the cult classics is simple, it's one of the cars that introduced car enthusiasts the trend of "lowriding".


Lowriding is a term that when a car is modded to have lower ground clearance than its normal specs and when you see other people gone lowriding their old cars, the hydraulics are a stand-out from the crowd. You see other lowriders bouncing their cars through insane heights and that's cool but here in FH2, hydraulics are off-topic but lowering this classic car is a lot more fun for the bravest of drivers many who wish who are looking for some all-show and no-go. Wait a minute... All show and no go? Some people are doing this most of the time.

This Impala maybe one of the cars that introduced us the lowriding trend to the ghettos but the engine that powers it is like what every classic American muscle cars should had. It has a 409-cubic-inch( or 6.7L in modern terms) engine equipped with the 2X4 carburetors producing 425HP of power and it's connected to a 4-speed manual gearbox.


That's a lot of power but handling one of these can be a nightmare even when you're very careful because of its less-sophisticated suspension setup that most classic muscle cars get. Just when I thought I got one of the best cult classics ever made, I thought I might get away with it but the handling is very punishable for me, meaning that I am already having a hard time getting this thing in control. It feels like it's not responding to my commands.

To demonstrate how punishing this car is, I signed this car up for the championship fit for Cult Classics like this but because I only have two championships left before the finale, there's no other way to do it than surviving the classic Impala's punishable handling.


Even with some improvements, it's still worth punishable for me to drive. Anyway, the road trip...

And now, the championship...

Man, this is the most frustrating drive I've ever experience but the important thing is, I survived and I won the Cult Classics championship, which means, I only got one more championship left before unlocking the finale.

I might think that this Impala is a nightmare to drive but for the car I'll be using in the last championship before the finale, this will be the most nightmarish to drive. What could it be? Watch for it!

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