Friday, March 27, 2015

KanColle OST "Kankyou"

KanColle OST "Kankyou"

Based on the hit browser game made possible by DMM and Kadokawa Games, KanColle (Kantai Collection) is all about female versions of legendary battleships, which became mankind's only hope against the mysterious abyssal fleet threatening our seas. It's about a destroyer named Fubuki attending the Chinjufu base and set off to an adventure to protect the seas along with the other fleet. There are plenty of unique ships appeared on the series from the foul-mouthed, Anglo-Japanese engineered, Kongou from the Kongou sisters, fleet idol Naka, the Destroyer Division Six, among many others.

To those who spent sleepless nights playing that browser game, they thought that the KanColle anime is something they've been waiting for since it became a talk of the town on the boards but it kinda feels like witchcraft to them but never mind because anyway, the original soundtrack from the KanColle TV series has arrived and the can relive every single moment as heard from the KanColle TV series.

There are a total of 52 tracks in this 2-disc compilation and there's nothing much to say about it so get going, commanders of the seas. Time to listen to the scores of the naval warfare just like you've been witnessing one in the series.

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