Monday, March 23, 2015

Six Nations 2015 FINAL

The fifth and final round of the RBS Six Nations 2015 is the decider which of the six rugby teams will be declared this year's winner and judging from what they're doing, it's becoming one heck of a do-or-die match to vie for the summit and be named as champions.

In the Italy Vs. Wales match, it was the Welsh that triumph against the Italians at the impressive score of 20-61, in favor of Wales. A 25-point gap between those teams, that's one heck of a record-high in the history of the Six Nations.

Then, it was Scotland vs. Ireland and in the end, a 30-point gap between them and an overwhelming performance by Sean O'Brien made the IRFU triumphed against Scotland at the score of 10-40, in favor of the Irish.

Lastly, England Rugby vs. FFR and at the score of 55-35, England wins.


In the end of this year's Six Nations, the winner goes to the IRFU. Again, the IRFU are named as the 2015 RBS Six Nations champions. That's a 2-win streak since last year!

This concludes the Six Nations 2015.

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