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Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

Remember the Suzuki Alto Works? Yes. It was the kind of Alto that garnered a fresh batch of car enthusiasts because of its sporty appearance and its hot hatch-like handling that proves even kei cars can be a lot fun to drive. Now, fast forward to today and looks like there's a new successor to the legendary Alto Works. It's called the all-new Suzuki Alto Turbo RS and while this is essentially based on the latest generation Suzuki Alto, the car that garnered the crown of being the king of fuel efficient petrol cars, the Turbo RS model changes everything what a kei car should be; light, agile, and a lot more enjoyable to own.

It looks like a normal Alto but the Turbo RS's exterior traces its roots to the legendary Works because it has some of the Works-inspired cosmetic treatments at the front as well as some red accents that will make it a bit more of a juvenile delinquent. Just imagine, if you're going to park it at your nearest coffee shop, they will think you are more of an open window maniac rather than the boy next door.

2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS interior

2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS interior

The interior looks more like a normal Alto as well but with some red accents and some red stuff at the seats, it really brings out that fresh hot hatch smell to the Turbo RS. You can even see a different speedo made specifically for this model.

2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

The performance-oriented Alto Turbo RS is equipped with the turbocharged version of Suzuki's R06A petrol engine complete with the breakthrough Suzuki Green Technology for fuel-efficiency measures. This engine produces 64PS of power and 98Nm of torque.

The Alto Turbo RS is mated exclusively with Suzuki's 5-speed Auto Gear Shift transmission and if you need a quick refresher, the ASG is Suzuki's new automatic gearbox equipped with an electro-hydraulic actuator that automatically operates clutch and gearshift and by integrating these two, ASG is made to provide unity on the operating device, resulting to an excellent fuel efficiency of 25.6kmpl, easy driving, and fun driving. Best of all, it comes fitted with paddle shifters and when the driver engages the gearbox into Manual Mode, shifting is not so bad, although it can be somewhat a dreadful experience because for us car enthusiasts, changing gears is a freedom of expression that can't be denied. Sadly for the Turbo RS, it's automatic gearbox or nothing. Sigh... I thought they want to make an Alto that captures the magic of the legendary Alto Works from the past but feels like they didn't.

What about handling? Well, for a hot kei car, looks like the Alto tries to redeem itself from its lousy gearbox because thanks to some sport-tuned suspension, ventilated disc brakes, and some Bridgestone Potenza tires built specifically for this model. This is definitely a great car to handle even for beginners when they take one on a track day at Tsukuba. It feels light, agile, and drivers can have as much fun as they like as long as they know how to unleash this hot kei car's potential.

The Alto Turbo RS starts at 1,293,840 up to 1,415,880 Yen, making it one of the most affordable hot hatches to start with. It maybe more expensive than any other kei cars but for a driver's car, this is a great start to your car enthusiast life if you got yourself a driver's license for the very first time.

Available colors: Pearl White, Pure Red, and Bluish Black Pearl 3.

Photo: Suzuki Motor Corporation.

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