Thursday, April 16, 2015

FH2 Storm Island: Welcome to Storm Island

There's a new challenge awaiting for me and this new challenge takes me on a brand new location where speed is no longer the issue, well perhaps some, because toughness and survival are the main course and if you want to achieve this kind of goal, you have to be the toughest to survive the most challenging place ever told. Welcome to Storm Island.

Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island is an XBOX One-only expansion and as the name suggests, you have to survive the harshest weather conditions and the most unforgiving terrain in order to become the Island Champion. There are new kinds of races you can find on Storm Island such as Brawl, Rampage, Extreme Cross Country, and the Gauntlet. There are more challenges to take on here and if you're tough enough to take on Storm Island, this might do the trick if you're looking for some more challenges. It's available to purchase at the XBOX Live marketplace.

ranger (2)

Kicking off my survival of the fastest journey is this 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid, a specially-prepped version of the said pickup truck that is no longer for sale in America. While this is fully-prepped to take on the most punishing terrain just like what it does during the Paris-Dakar, it comes with a race-prepped 5.0L engine developing 349HP of power and 413lb-ft of torque. It's yours to keep during your maiden voyage at Storm Island and on my maiden voyage, I'm taking on the first championship of this new location and yes...extreme weather occurs even in nighttime. Scary!

A heavy rainfall will kill me at the dead of the night but I managed to survive my first challenge. Although I might be expecting another threat of a heavy rainfall, I can't rest in my laurels here because I only got 11 more championships to complete to access the Island Finale.

For now, I'm taking myself a well-deserve rest before the next big one happens. Sigh...


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