Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Forza Horizon 2: Feel the Venom

venom (2)

When it comes to speed, you can't argue about the biblical Hennessey Venom GT. This American hypercar possesses stratospheric speeds at the cost of mobility and stability, making this car suitable for the expert level drivers who want to brave through the car's unforgiving mobility and its hypersonic speeds similar to what fighters do.

With its 1200HP of power output thanks to its V8 twin turbo engines tweaked by the folks of Hennessey, challenging against this machine is considered to be suicidal unless you have no sense of directions and go straight to the finish but at the hands of master drivers, they are invincible on different challenges other than cross countrying.

According to sources, this car recorded the fastest 0-300kph time of 13.63 seconds and was verified by the Guinness Book of Records. It once set the fastest speed of 270.49mph on a certain runway although unofficial result even though it wasn't counted by the Guinness World Record for some reasons, probably production car regulations.


I only have one championship left to end before going to the Horizon Finale and for that, I've signed this bad boy for the hypercars championship, which will be my one last step towards the finale but first, some makeovers...

venom (3)

Call it scary but I took some cues from the hostile squadron from Ace Combat Joint Assault called the Varcolac Squadron. With the looks of the varcolac, looks like this Venom is made to invoke fear to its opponents but thanks to my skill level, looks like I couldn't try to invoke fear to my rivals. Just me because of its sensitive handling but I'm trying my best to tame this demon.

Road trip:

And now, some championship highlights:

Now that I won this championship, I have finally gained access to the Horizon Finale! Finally! We can finally finish this game once and for all! Looks like the Venom GT wasn't so bad after all as long as we're in sync together.

With the finale finally on my foot, I wonder which machine I will use to finish it? Will it be something from my past experience after getting the twists and turns in this slippery slope of the Southern European landscape? Find out soon as I...will decide which machine I will use to the finale and this will be a very big one because the finale takes place in all corners of Southern Europe. You got to be ready for it in the event the final battle is almost here.

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