Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Gran Turismo 6: Lexus LF-LC VGT vs. Alpine VGT

The Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo...

Fuji Speedway F

...and the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo.

Mid-Field Raceway

These new additions to the Gran Turismo 6's Vision Gran Turismo roster of concept cars will surely make petrolheads coming back for more and even though they're different in any way, these machines are always up for new challenges this game could throw at them.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_3

First, let's take a look at the Lexus LF-LC Vision Gran Turismo, although this is odd to make a GT version of a concept car that already spawned the production version called the RC, if you know what I mean? Looks like the folks from Gran Turismo never understand about the Lexus RC and stuck with the concept car but look at this way, at least it's menacing to look at so lighten up a little, huh?

Having learned their lesson from last year's Super GT season, Toyota's luxury brand wanted to make a racecar capable of tackling GT3-class touring cars dominated with the likes of European makes, and with this car, this is Revelation to them. It's not just a Revelation but this is a warning sign that Lexus will be joining the GT3-class fray very soon.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_4

The Alpine VGT is also like Revelation because by the time we witnessed how its made, the folks from Renault announced that they'll be bringing back the Alpine name next year. Info remains scarce but the legend that was forged by the legendary Jean Redele will return. You can count on it. It comes with two distinct flavors; one is the standard model and the other is the Race Mode, which is the Alpine VGT at its best. Whichever Alpine VGT you choose, you will be blessed by its A110-inspired front, lightweight bodywork, unbiased handling, and a unique way of braking where two airbrakes from both sides will show up.

Both of these machines seem to be evenly matched on the track and to be honest, they want to find out which of these new additions is the best and to find out, I shipped them to the Midfield Raceway. In case you missed it, the Gran Turismo original track has returned from a recent update. How nice it is to have this classic fan-fave track back, right? Anyway, less hands, more drive, and it's time to find out which of these new VGT additions is the best.

Mid-Field Raceway_1Mid-Field Raceway_2Mid-Field Raceway_3

Because the LF-LC VGT features a turbocharged hybrid powertrain, it develops around 621HP of power output, while the Alpine VGT is almost 200HP less than the LF-LC VGT. Although specs remained classified, the Alpine VGT feels more lighter than the LF-LC VGT and it handles well than the LF-LC VGT as well. Those three machines are surely trying to familiarize the corners of this classic GT original track and no matter how hard they try, it's all in a name of luck and skill.

In the end, here are the results:

LF-LC VGT - 1:08.324
Alpine VGT - 1:09.463
Alpine VGT RM - 1:09.271

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_5

It kinda looks like the Lexus LF-LC VGT has triumphed both versions of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo but sometimes the results don't really matter because both the Lexus LF-LC VGT and the Alpine VGT done a really good job showing off their motorsport finesse and their teachings from their past motorsport involvements. Looks like these machines are ready to take on the world after all. I just really wish those carmakers behind these creations the very best of luck to push their dreams into reality.

With the Lexus LF-LC VGT and the Alpine VGT part of the roster, which carmaker will be joining the Vision GT family? Find out soon!

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