Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Gran Turismo 6: VW GTi Supersport Vision GT

Last year, Volkswagen wowed the GT6 players with the VW GTi Roadster VGT, which is part of the game's Vision Gran Turismo lineup of unorthodox concept cars built exclusively for this game, and now, they've introduced us their second chapter to Volkswagen's Vision Gran Turismo entry. Meet the VW GTi Supersport Vision Gran Turismo.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_8

Their latest entry to the Vision Gran Turismo range is what everything a hyper hatch should be, possessing uncanny mobility and speed that only this V-dub can take advantage of.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_7

For a start, this car looks a lot like the latest version of the VW Golf GTi but with all that enhanced aerodynamics, it's becoming to be more of a racecar rather than a hot hatch and like the GTi Roadster VGT from last year, it comes with the same 3.0L twin-turbo VR6 TSi engine which develops 503HP of power and 665Nm while mated with a 7-speed DSG.

Amazingly, the Supersport weighs exactly the same as the GTi Roadster by about 1200kg and when you handle both of these cars, you can't really tell, except by my further understanding that the hardtop version is the better handling one rather than the open-top one even though they both have aggressive aerodynamics and the clever four-wheel drive system.

To find out just how good the GTi Supersport really is, I took on the challenge at the Nurburgring GP/D and I have to aim for the gold target time of  1:28.000.

Nürburgring GP_DNürburgring GP_D_1Nürburgring GP_D_2

Hot hatches are great on the racetrack but because of their front-wheel drive layout, they tend to do understeer and no matter how hard you turn the wheel, it doesn't feel like they're responsive enough for your actions. Not so in this GTi Supersport because even when you have the hammer down, it will still do as you ask it to do. With the four-wheel drive layout, light bodywork, and race-inspired aerodynamics, the GTi Supersport can handle like a top-class racecar at ease and even a race-shy rookie can handle this machine at ease.

Thanks to its amazing handling, I managed to beat the gold target time at one go and I did it in 1:27.902. Not the quickest lap I ever made but it's a definitive proof that the GTi Supersport might just be GT6's best handling car you can try.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_6

Expect new additions to the Vision Gran Turismo range soon!

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