Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Honda S660 gains app for fake engine noises

With the launch of the Honda S660 kei roadster, every car enthusiasts in Japan only have braced themselves for the rebirth of the legendary Honda Beat and this is one of the most affordable sports cars money can buy if you live in Japan because this car's Japan-only. Anyway, to further up the ante on the S660, Honda once made an app that fires away some "fake engine noises" onto the car's speakers.

Sound of Honda
The app is called Sound of Honda and it's applicable for the 6-speed manual variants of the new Honda S660. This app fires a synthesized versions of engine noises from famous Honda machines such as the legendary McLaren-Honda MP4/5 Formula One car, the NSX-R, and the EK9 Civic Type R. I know it sounds kooky but does a small kei roadster deserve some fake engine sounds on the interior?

So far, Honda hasn't point out a release schedule on the Sound of Honda app but they will plan to make it available soon.

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