Friday, April 17, 2015

How to dress as Bonnie

Bonnie is the little sister of Clemont, the Lumiose City Gym Leader, and although she’s too young to be a trainer just like her big brother, she has a very special friendship with a cute Electric-and-Fairy Pokemon named Dedenne. If she sees a very pretty lady, she would come approach to one and ask if she can take of her big brother. Sounds humorous but never mind because if you’re planning a Pokemon cosplay, here’s how to dress as Clemont’s little sister, Bonnie!

We’d recommend having a little girl from your family at a preschool age but in case you haven't got a little kid in your family, don’t worry because you can do this to yourself, unless if you’re a girl and if you have an adequate amount of budget to pull that off.

1) Start by finding a short-sleeved brown T-shirt but hopefully, the sleeves should not be too long or it will spoil it. If you got that kind of shirt, feel free to add a black ribbon on your shirt.

2) You need a white miniskirt for the outer part of your cosplay and for the inner part, some skin-tight cycling shorts (black, obviously).

3) Your hair needs to be blonde and short, although it’s difficult to match Bonnie’s hairstyle because of those round parts on it.

4) Although it’s difficult to find a yellow handbag similar to Bonnie’s, any handbag will do as long as it’s shoulder-carry and yellow.

5) Your shoes need to be pink. Any shoes will do as long as they’re pink and they’re not long-heeled. For a recommendation, why not find some pink clogs?

6) Optional: Bring a Dedenne plush with you

And there you have it. You can dress yourself as our favorite little sister who loves to ask out to take care of her big brother when she sees a pretty lady. That sounds comical but if you want to dress as Bonnie from Pokemon XY, follow these steps in no time.

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