Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In The Flesh Original Soundtrack

In The Flesh OST

Aired in BBC Three last 2013, In The Flesh is a BAFTA award winning zombie drama series that caused quite a sensation by giving a new twist in the ever popular genre. It revolves on the life of a young man named Kieren Walker, a victim of the Partially Deceased Syndrome, as he struggles his second chance of life as one of the undead. With a dark atmosphere, a darker cast of characters, sensible storyline, and its Britishness, In The Flesh has been one of the best TV shows of the decade despite the very small episode listings per season.

The original soundtrack of the hit BBC Three TV series has arrived and it covers the first two seasons of the phenomenal zombie drama series. The show's BGM was crafted by the brilliant Edmund Butt, whose works involved in numerous movies and TV programmes over his 15 year career, including The Survivors, Ashes To Ashes, Mistresses, and many more. Also, the latter tracks of this soundtrack were performed by Keaton Henson, lending his voice that suits him very well to the show's theme.

It's now available to order for only 8.99 Pounds for the CD Album while the download version costs a pound less than the physical CD album. This is a must have for those who've enjoyed watching In The Flesh and wanted to know what's like to be like one of the PDS victims.

  1. The Prophet
  2. Kieren Turns
  3. Back to Roarton
  4. The Rotters
  5. Amy Dyer
  6. All Alone
  7. Jem Walker
  8. Wolf
  9. "The Goddess Ishtar"
  10. Kieren Comes Home
  11. In The Flesh
  12. The Second Coming
  13. PDS
  14. Read Your Bible
  15. My Beautiful Mother
  16. Crazy Golf
  17. The Healing Stick
  18. The Outsider
  19. There's Still Time
  20. Corpse Roads
  21. Charon
  22. You

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